How can I make my sons second birthday special?

I know this might be a weird topic. I wanted to know what y’all did for your little boy’s second birthday party. With covid going around, we can’t do what we wanted to do this year, which was a bouncy house outside for all of the kids. Not as many people, if any, will be at his party this year. I wanted to make this year more special, but I’m not sure how to. Side note: kids usually don’t play with him anyways because they call him “special,” but last year, I was all over the place and wanted to do more with him this year even if there were lots of people. I felt bad, and people made me out to be a bad mom. On another note, I’m pregnant, so picking him up a lot is a no go for me as I pulled a muscle in my back. Just for clearance, he turns two on the 15th, but his party isn’t until the 20th. TIA


He is going to be 2 he won’t remember it. Honestly until they are 5 or 6 i would not worry about going too big! Anything before that is all for you really! We usually do close friends and family with pizza or a cookout depending on the time of year. And anymore you can buy a small bounce house under $100!


I would get the closest people to you n baby and go out for a dinner

My sons first birthday I expected to much n let my self down

So for his second birthday both his grandmas and aunties gathered up at red Robin’s and had a dinner for my jayce
He’s 2 it’s mainly for the mommy until baby starts to notice more

I’m not sure for his 3rd birthday but in my mind I have family issues so the ones who actually care and not judge me are allowed to dinner

We had family (about 12 people total including ourselves) over for lunch today for my son’s 7th birthday. He loved seeing the family and getting a cake!

He’s 2, anything you do will be special. Spend the day doing all his favorite activity at the house, take a walk, make his favorite meals, have him open his gifts, have cake… that is plenty for him to feel special.


We have learned with our daughters first durring this it’s better to keep it small and save the money. We had so much wasted food and everything and we way overspent and less then 1/4 if our 40 peopled showed up
If it’s still going on I am going to keep her second small and focus on her. Not us or our families. N lots less drama.

Get her her favorite foods, more or a bigger gift. Or just do something fun as a family. We saved the money on other events and are are doing small trips to the indoor water park for the weekend ans we used groupons and other sites for great deals


I take my daughter on trips. I don’t have a big family or a lot of friends so I try to give her experiences.


Set up a obstacles corse/ treasure hunt in the house and yard . Lots of fun treats along the way . Maybe even space his gifts out along the corse so he can open them along tbe way .

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Have you considered a drive through type party, parade style, with banners and balloons?

Fill a room with balloons and have a fun little dance party :balloon: cake and a gift or two.

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Decorate the house! We aren’t having a party for our 3yr old but I’m decorating the house in his favorite show decorations. We will have his favorite breakfast, cupcakes, presents and his favorite dinner. This is actually what we do most years for our kids instead of huge parties. We have big parties for 1yr, 5yr, 10yr, 13yr, 16yr and 18yr. We make their day about them. We usually do an outing too like to the movies, a trampoline park, Chuck E Cheese but those are out for us right now. I’m sure whatever you come up with he will love it.

Do the bouncy house anyway and have his Daddy bounce in it with him since you are pregnant. He would love that I’m sure.

We always keep birthdays low key. It’s basically a family day where they choose what we do. We let the kids choose dinner that day, take them out to order a cake a few days before. We do something fun of their choice and of course open presents. Sometimes we decorate the downstairs the night before so when they wake up it’s a surprise. We’ve made great memories this way and their is never the stress of throwing a party. If it weren’t for covid as my older two are a bit older now I would let them invite one friend, but it can wait.

At two he just wants all your attention. Plan a day of fun with him. Make a fort in the living room and have a picnic inside, play some games or watch his favorite movies while you eat some cake or make sundaes.

Due to COVID we did a virtual party for my sons 1st, my baby shower the end of this month, and will end up doing a virtual for my sons 2nd birthday again.

We bake a cake that he gets to “help” with (I have a pretend baking set he uses) I picked up a couple presents and make a dinner I know he will like. I set up a Facebook event and invite everyone about 2-4 weeks in advance (any more than that and people forget, any sooner and presents don’t get sent out)

Of we receive gifts from the Amazon wish list I add to the event I wrap them and he opens them “live” on Facebook event so friends and family can see as well as blowing out the cake and singing happy birthday. Usually takes less that 10 minutes, family and friends are involved, and I don’t have to throw a huge complicated expensive party that nobody shows up to (or they all show up its always either or never in-between LOL)


We just did a small party with grandma. Icecream and brownies.

My husband and I had our son’s 5th birthday this past November just like any normal party we just kept it family kids have been through enough we wanted to keep it as normal as possible and we continue to keep things normal as possible.

Bring him to a indoor trampoline park an let just bounce run an have fun then a little cake an ice cream later with your family

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My son turned 3 in December and all we did was invite grandparents and aunts/uncles that live close to us over for cake and presents. He had a blast.

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Make it family oriented. I loved the above movie idea…many people are scaling back on birthdays…if you can create a fun moment he’ll enjoy it will be a win…best of luck and happiest of birthdays to your little one!