How can I make my toddler feel more secure in her bedroom?

My almost two year old won’t sleep in her bed. I make sure it’s not too hot or cold; she has a blanket that she loves to sleep with. We have a bedtime routine but she will not sleep in her bed. She will cry until I come in to get her. What can I do to make her feel secure and love being in her bed?


Consistency. She will be okay as long as it’s a safe environment. Let her cry it out.


She will fall asleep. As long as she’s safe, ride it out.


Have you tried soft music or a music box?

Id never let my daughter cry it out but i am dealing with the same thing.

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Sit in the corner of her room with a book and read by a little bit of light shining in from the hallway and just keep redirecting her to her bed. Your right there and she is fine :slight_smile: just reassure her your there, she’s safe and keep putting her back in bed… it takes about a week or so… but they adjust. Worked with all 3 of mine.

I use a bed side lamp and white noise machine

As long as you do not take her out she will adjust to sleeping on her own.


Hang christmas lights in her room

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Get walkie talkies one for you one for the kid

A stuffed animal to sleep with and you lay on the floor next to her bed until she falls asleep. Leave the hallway light on if you can or get one of the battery operated puck lights for the walls to have on at night. Repeat for a few days and every night remind her she can walk to your room so she knows you’re still around.

Toughen up Mamma, you’ve made the crying longer by going to get her I’m afraid. You can try all manner of things, light, white noise, but bottom line is don’t take her out of her bed.


Let her sleep in your room it really isn’t worth fighting over. Eventually she will be ready to be on her own and happily move to her room. I have three grown kids, did this with all of them.


Consistency, don’t let her cry it out.

I rock my son to sleep and then put him in bed. If I lay him down he will just come out of his room. But if I rock him first then they wake up in their bed and eventually realize it’s safe there. That’s what worked for my son.

Stay in there with her​:smiley::heart::heart::heart:

Facts of life:- Every child is different.
You can ask for help and advice but at the end of the day, YOU know your child better than anyone…

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I tried everything I could with transitioning and nothing worked, finally decided to stop getting him and only checked on him making sure he’s okay, reassuring him when I did that he was okay, and it took about a week and a half till he started getting the hang of it and sleeping in his bed

Try laying in her bed with her until she falls asleep


My 8 year old still sleeps with me :joy:. Her dad works nights so we are snuggled up together. I have a 16 year old that slept with me till she was almost 9 and now she sleeps fine in her own little area downstairs. She will want her own bed after a while. I don’t know what I will do when my baby girls wants to sleep in her own bed.

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