How can I make myself trust my boyfriend?

Your punishing him for what YOU did to HIM. Not what he did to you. In order to have a healthy relationship there has to be trust in order to form an unbreakable bond… Seek counseling for these problems please


You say you can’t trust him… and yet you cheated on him? Of course he’s going to use it against you


This screams BPD, imo. Regardless, those kids are gonna pay for the mistakes these 2 about to make. Ugh. Get help.


Ummmm ur toxic as hell he should use that against u one day! He has every right. Ovbiously undont want to give ur all otherwise u would. If u truly loved him u would be loving him with ur all. U got some deep seeded issues hun. U shouldn’t be planni on moving in with him. Not til u fix urself not only for hi. But for ur children. Hes not the problem u r. If u cant see how hard it is to stay with someone that cheated and to put that behind u cause u love someone. Just to not be trusted by them and to know they are holding back on loving u properly because of the mkstake they made and people in their past! Ur goin to ruin this man of u dont heal urself girl! Hes strong but wont last long!

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Ew… This whole post is narcissistic and toxic, super hypocritical I’d say leave him because he deserves much better than you🤦


Girl, you’re the cheater and the cheating dendencies are getting to you.


You need to heal from you past relationships before jumping into a new one. I’d recommend both therapy for yourself and as a couple.

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All the people go who are laughing at this should be banned…I hope people laugh at their struggles…


Therapy, before baby comes along . Having a baby in the picture can add more stress & you don’t want that. It’s better the devil you know sometimes. Try work on your struggles with therapy, baby steps in the right direction is better than going backwards & ending up in a much worse situation .

You cheated on him
You managed to get pregnant by him
But YOU don’t trust HIM?

I’m usually very understanding, but this one’s wild.


You cheated & your the one with trust issues :woozy_face: think it should be him not trusting you & wanting dna!! Don’t cheat if you don’t want a repeat!!!

Too late now I guess but maybe get to know someone before having their kid and not getting in a relationship when you have so much baggage? Not fair to the people you date. Projects ain’t cute.

Why are you so worried what he’s doing when you didn’t worry enough about what you were doing? If you’re afraid what goes around comes around why would you do that? I don’t have any advice except do better

so your doing what exactly? Making him feel obligated to stay because you cheated and want him to comfort you? sorry not sorry but this pisses me off. most guys I know dont like being played with. if he stayed with your ass after you let another guy in you… I’d say he loves you. not that you deserve it because he definitely deserves better.

Honestly you shouldnt be trying to stay in relationships if your just out to hurt them because you haven’t healed your past hurts.
It really only makes eveything worst and your kids will see that if their old enough.

You got pregnant you must have trusted him at some point lmao

for them to be together two years later AFTER she cheated means HE forgave her. they moved on and now she’s pregnant. of course she is going to fear the unknown… don’t we all?? they have SERIOUSLY judgemental people in here. (no, i dont think its “okay” that she cheated. but yall are acting like she should be burned at the state) to the o.p…
only YOU and your spouse can work on your issues together. i hope you guys figure it all out❤

First…forgive yourself. All your past sins are already forgiven. Each day you wake is a new you that learned more yesterday. You can’t have the ultimate reward without the ultimate leap of faith. You can’t half ass real love. You gotta jump off the cliff headfirst and blindfolded with absolute faith. If it’s not true, it’s a lesson, but WHAT IF it was real…you won’t know til you give in to it and accept the good whether you think you deserve it or not.

Darling, you need a great Counsellor because that shit will eat you alive xxx