How can I make sure my 4-month-old doesn't get the flu?

My fiancee and I both are starting to have flu symptoms, and we have a four-month little girl. She was born Prematurely at 32 weeks, so her immune system isn’t as developed as a baby who was born on time. How do we protect her from getting the flu as well, and what are some signs in babies to look for, so I know when to be worried in case she does catch it? She’s my first, and I just want to be safe instead of sorry. After seeing her in the NICU, I really don’t want to see her like that again. Thank you.


This might be a good question for your doctor. If your baby was a premie I would go straight to the professionals.


You need to ask a doctor. For now, buy face masks to keep from breathing or coughing near her.

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  1. Get a flu shot for both you and fiancee.
  2. Wash your hands a lot. Then wash them some more.
  3. Be very selective to who touches or goes near baby.
  4. Do not take baby out unless it is necessary.

Where mask …did u get the flu shot and tdap?

I’d say the obvious:
Wash your hands constantly. No kissing. Lysol everything. Hand sanitizer in every room. Cover every cough/sneeze. Good luck!

Face masks, Lysol and wash you’re hands alot…

My gurl was prem too me and her dad were extra vigilant on hand sanitiser an not coughn around her and that seems to hav workd mi gurl was breastfeed too which id say was a massive help with mi antibodys in it if she got even lil bit ill the breast milk changes for her to make her better its amazin stuff. My gurl has only once im her 3years of life been to docs for cold or flu . If ur breastfeedin she will be fine if nt ther are no antibodies an harder to fight off. Good luck dnt stress too much shes stronger than u think ur awesome for askin goid on ya mama

Got family that can watch her while your sick?

Keep away from sick People.

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Purrell/wash y’all hands constantly. Wear masks around her. If you all need antibiotics, get some! Don’t kiss on her until your symptoms are gone.

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U can’t. It will happen. Only matter of time

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Hygiene is key right now. Hand sanitizer and washing the hands a ton. Also ask the doctor if there are any extra things you can do for precaution

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Signs r pullin or rubbin their ears, sneezing, unsettled more than usual, refusin boob or bottle thats usually sickness or extra sleepy but all normal for a prem baby anyways the docs r free go as much and as often as u need better to be safe than sori but jus hygiene like at nicu keep that up if ur partner or u gets real bad with ur flu unless ur breaatfeedin prob best to settle close contact i would be on my death bed N stil feed mi bubba even if u r sick it doesnt mesn the baby catches it ive got 3 kids lol

If you are nursing or feeding breast milk by bottle continue to do so. You will not get your baby sick. But you will help enforce her immune system as yours fights it.

Having a baby who was in the nick is scary trust me, getting sick and baby getting sick very scary. My question is are you breastfeeding or bottle feeding, it matters about sterilization to the bottles. Do you put Vick’s on your chest at night does the baby co sleep or sleep in a crib bassinet. My son was a month old when he got bronchitis born prematurely and I got the worst ear ache ever. Humidifier will become your life patting baby’s back will help prevent mucus build up and do not hide you baby in your house their immune system will respond I promise it will but be letting everyone touch baby either keep baby clothed as well during the winter. Some signs are a fussy baby or a weird sound when they cough. Also keep doctor in the loop at every appointment and do not be afraid to call and ask or be in their once a week with questions I did for the first year also trust your instincts

If baby is breastfed nurse often

Both my babies are preemies and we just wash, hand sanitize and mostly just do good hygiene. Of course staying out their faces. They may or may not get sick though.


Wear a mask 24/7. Wash your hands a ton! Don’t lick her bottles/binkies. Nothing! No kisses for a couple weeks as you are contagious for awhile. But mostly call her pedi and ask.


If both of you have it she is probably sick already. =\