How can I make sure my toddler sleeps peacefully at night?

My 16-month-old daughter wakes up crying a few times throughout the night. I lay her back down and turn on her hippo for sound/lights. I give her baths before bed, make sure she has a full tummy before I lay her down for the night. Any tips on how I can get her to sleep more peacefully throughout the night?


That’s about all you can do. It’s developmental


It could be that she’s teething or going through a growth spurt. My son went through that between 15-16 months and it was soooo sad to hear him whimpering and waking up all night. Once he cut a few teeth and stopped his massive growth spurt, it calmed down. We did Motrin at night instead of Tylenol (when it was from teething) because it lasts longer. I think he was also having growing pains because he constantly had to stretch his legs and looked like he couldn’t get comfortable. :cry:

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Our 2 yr old daughter still does not sleep through the night. We put a TV in her room with a chromecast that I can control without going into her room. If I hear her crying I play something on the TV and she goes right back to bed. Yes a TV I know bad parenting but I need sleep too


It could be teething or the last bouts of sleep regression. She could also be experiencing bad dreams. I sleep with my daughter and she definitely has her share of bad dreams.


try adding a little epsom salts to her bath the magnesium helps with sleep and relaxes the muscles. Target has scented versions

I was told to offer more food during the day and less formula. It’s helped heaps

I’m there with both my 1-year-olds My son wakes up every 2 hours religiously. I’m supposed to be taking the bottles but he chugs all night long. It doesn’t matter if I feed them right before bed

More activity, less naptime


i use lavender roll on essential oils and drop a few drops of it inside her bath every night, and rub her with lotion before her pj’s. i think that the consistency and repetition with schedule helps a lot

This is so normal mine is 18 months and she is just as you describe babies make noises and as they grow they have dreams mine sometimes cry with her eyes closed. They should get better with time

I used classical music with my oldest… he would literally wake up every 20 mins… after a few days he slept through the night and scared me senseless… :joy::joy:

Maybe afraid of the dark.

Shes still a baby. Thats what they do
U could try sleep pillow mist

I have heard that when we eat before bed it increases our metabolism which can prevent us from easily going to sleep, but at that age you would have to maybe experiment.

Ware her out before she sleeps. After a very long play, a feed/some warm milk she might be tired enough to sleep longer. She is only 16months though and might be at the cluster feeding stage so the more food and play, the more rest you might get her to have.

I v noticed when I get to spend time with my grandbabies playing in water wares them out. They sleep all night. They are 10 months and 2 years

Play relaxing music through the night. Some adults have fans going all night to avoid sounds maybe she hears something and need music to avoid sound bearers