How can I make the car more pleasent for my 7 month old?

Any advice on car rides? My baby is seven months, and she started having huge tantrums when we go out she hates her car seat we bought a new one. To see if it would help, but it’s the same.


Put her in the car seat and let her cry… she has to go in it and ride so she has to get over whatever the problem is…make sure you have shades on the windows to eliminate it being a sun issue…but otherwise however unpleasant she has to travel

My daughter was the same way, I bought an IPad holder for the seat and I haven’t had any issues since!


Give her toys and get a baby rear view mirror so she can see you

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we bought a van with dvd players but you could try a portable one and a seat holder. works wonders for my daughter!

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You can try a mirror so she can see her self an also you. We have one for our daughter (she’s one) and she’s had it since she was like at least 4-5months. Anyway she loves to look at us through the mirror while we drive, it let’s her see we are still in the car.

My daughter was like this until I bough one of those mirrors and it instantly helped I just think she felt alone because she couldn’t see any of us.

DVD player. The best thing we got for our son! You can even have your kid watch educational movies. I know your baby is only 7 months old, but it’s never too early to get them to watch learning videos. Good luck mama!

We’d listen to kids songs and I’d start singing as I buckled them in.

Do you have back seat car vents? Might be hot…they make amazing things that hook to the front vent and goes to the back in cars.

Dvd player,soft toys and could be a phase and do u have her carseat installed correctly?

My nephew started doing that at about that same age. When he was older and could speak he would hold his forehead and say hurt. He was diagnosed with migraines at three. (They run on both sides of our, my sister and i, family) the sunlight is what was really bothering him.

Get her a mirror to look into and she will see your reflection as well, that helped mine a lot

Let her cry. Mirrors, portable DVD players, etc all pose hazards and could cause serious injury or death in the event of an accident.

Hoping my 4mo eventually will handle long car rides. As of right now he is not a travel baby. Any other time he’s as happy as can be but being in the car for more than 30mins and he’s upset

My son was bad for awhile. Either my wife or myself would ride in back with him. When your by yourself you need to figure something else

A mirror and I have a tote full of toys between my kiddos so they can flip through books or play. My son just hated car rides until he turned two.

Honestly my son and daughter both did that for about a month. Give her toys or a bottle… I wouldn’t go for a tablet yet she is still very young

My 7 month old has hated her carseat since she was born!! Driving an hour, she would cry the whole time! I recently took a few long car rides and she has just gotten better on her own! Good luck

Children under 2 yrs should be in a rear facing car seat in the back seat. A deployed front seat airbag could be fatal to an infant and toddler. She may be going through a separation phase and should get used to riding soon.