How can I naturally induce labor?

I’m 39 weeks and six days pregnant. My due date is tomorrow, and they want to induce me to the hospital, which I’m not keen on doing. Are there any methods out there to bring on labor naturally. I’ve tried multiple things, from sex and nipple stimulation to spicy foods and pineapple. Please help


Table spoon of castro oil. Old trick but safe and natural oil for both you and baby.


I don’t personally believe there’s much you can do, I think alot are wives tales, if you do get induced though it’s not that bad :blush:


Just being active did it for me. Go for a walk

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I ate a whole fresh pineapple for 2 of mine, went into labor a few hrs after. Not sure if it was coincidence or the pineapple.

I was induced and it was not bad at all. You really don’t have anything to worry about.

I was never able to go into labor naturally. My first son was 3 1/2 weeks overdue. I had to be induced with my second as well.

I had a csection due to going a full 40 weeks. I never dilated a bit. Worked out for me fine.

A place with loud music.

Walk walk walk and Castro oil I heard…but I was induced for my last child and it was not as bad as u think.


Nipple stimulation with breast pump.

Enema they did that with my second and she dropped further down and avoided the dreaded pushing poop.

I was induced twice and labor was actually easier than going into labor on my own. But to answer your questions activity…walking, squats, getting on all four and shaking your hips back and forth. I did this with the last one and went into labor the next day.

I was induced at 41 weeks and a couple days. The labor pains are way more intense being induced, due to the pitocin.
Also, for the people saying “Castrol oil”, that is a motor oil. Do NOT drink that. They’re referring to castor oil.


Not just sex but orgasim


Message the area between your thumb and first finger. Massage therapists are told it can induce labor.

Take a tablespoon of castor oil before dinner and have vigorous sex with you husband before bed. You’ll be having having contractions before dinner is over and be in labor before the morning lol

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Chinese food worked for me

Bounce on a exercise ball, slowly while watch tv or something for about a hour… get the baby moving.

Please stop recommending castor oil it is not safe


Walk, sex …, Semen will soften your cervix…and more walking

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