How can I naturally speed up the labor process?

I’m 39 weeks tomorrow. At my doctor’s appointment Thursday, she said I’m dilated between 3 to 4 cm. I’ve been having mild contractions. Maybe about one an hour at most 2. Any advice on how to get things going more other than having sex? [Do NOT suggest castor oil].


Got a truck and a place you can go out muddin’? That did it for me.

Squats, bounce on an exercise ball, walk, spicy food… sex

Exercise, if you don’t want to do anything straining you could just walk a few blocks and that will help

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Sex! Worked for me both times

Walking, squats, bouncing on an exercise ball.

Nipple stimulation makes the uterus start to contract.

Walking and bouncing on a ball helped me with my first.

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I got the stomach flu and went into labor 11 days early. I don’t recommend but for all 4 of my others I tried everything

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Question - this is the second or third post I’ve seen where the post said not to suggest castor oil … may I ask why that isn’t an option? I literally have no idea.

Walking!! Definitely walking … or have your hubby drive you on 4x4 road lol …


Sex and orgasm…in all seriousness. Not trying to be weird.

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Walk walk walk walk up stairs walk walk walk


Have her do a membrane sweep.

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Nipple stimulation till contractions start being regular was told by a mid wife pumping is the easiest way to do it


Walking, exercise ball, nipple stimulation, dancing move those hips…

Lots of walking
Nipple stimulation sometimes works

Take a long bath it helps, and bouncing on a exercise ball. :raising_hand_woman:And Goodluck you doing great :bouquet:

I drank 2 huge cups of camomille tea and was quickly in labor.

I’m going to say walk! Both my pregnancies I worked up till I went into labor and my job is an on your feet going all the time job. My second pregnancy I was home for 45 mins after running my ass off all day when my water broke.