How can I nicely tell my mother in law to back off?

My husband and I have been married for five years and have gone through a lot. My mother-in-law continuously tells me how much a mess my house is, I’m starving my baby( I’m not. She eats a lot lol), and how it’s my duty to fulfill my husband’s needs( sexually). Our baby is only 2 1/2 months old, and pregnancy is super hard on my body for many medical reasons. She has now started telling me we need to think about when we are having our next one. How do I put her in her place without killing the relationship?


he should be the one to put HIS mom in her place!! not you!


Your husband is the one that needs to tell her to back off give him the ultimatum it change his tune


Look at her and say. Was your mother-in-law really critical of you?


Just Bluntly tell her how you feel and tell her it’s NOT her place to decide when you guys have or don’t have sex, and it’s also not her place to say when or if you guys have another baby. Tell her thank you for your concern but I pretty capable of taking care of My Family. If she get Mad or Stubborn then oh well, you say your peace and leave it at that if she get mad then that’s her problem not yours.


Divorce him!!!
And his loser mom


Tell ur husband he needs to put his foot down and tell his mom or if u do it it’s not gunna be nice…


Be honest with her. Set the healthy boundaries. Like, “I’m sorry I don’t feel comfortable talking about my sex life with you, it’s not personal, your just his mother.”


Tell her no offence but you do you and ill do me .were not the same person then get your partner to have a word next time dont be as polite shes killing the relationship not you id tell her were to go .

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Your husband needs to “Man Up” and tell her!! Not you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: You and your baby are his FIRST priority now and needs to make this right xx


Girl I’d be straight up. If shes real it wont kill the relationship she will respect it. My mother in law was always telling me I controlled my husband and a cheater and all this other crap. I’ve never cheated on my husband and if my husband had a problem with me or how I handle our household he would definitely tell me. I am a stay at home mom of 2 boys and I have a routine with them while daddy works 8 to 10 hour days. He comes home and we eat and relax I have a set bedtime and no my kids are not allowed at her house. I dont like how she just let’s my kids walk all over her. My oldest tells her what he wants and he wants now and she jumps to she doesn’t watch them properly my son has came home covered in makeup and marker because he got into something while they wernt looking. I dont allow that crap at my house. when the kids would come home my oldest would throw fits and screams at me because he didnt get what he wanted. I stopped them from going over there and what do ya know my kids dont act like that anymore. You know what’s best for you and your family girl. PUT HER IN HER PLACE. She already had her family and this is YOURS!

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Why is a MOTHER concerning herself with her sons sex life? That’s just weird sis. HE needs to check her, not you


Sounds like your husband tell his momma every little thing

Not my place but I find it weird how hes telling his mom about your guys sex life awkward


Watch Monster in Law with her😝

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I would ignore her and banned her from my household


Just tell her straight out ur home, ur life, ur body. But out. Time to tear the bandaid off!!!

I’m sorry but her even taking about your sex life is freakin gross :nauseated_face:. And quite frankly you don’t have to be nice about it.


Tell her to fuck off and fuck your relationship with her , life’s too short to have negative people around you❤️

Why does she even know or want to concern herself with her son’s sex life…? Very weird and controlling. Your husband needs to tell her to back off and if he doesn’t then tell him you are. I would put a stop to that ASAP as it could get worse later down the road.


Start asking her if her husband is satisfied :rofl: