How can I nighttime potty train a 4-year-old?

I need some tips and advice on how to nighttime train a four-year-old. He still wears pull-ups to bed, but I would like for him to be out of those soon. He knows how to use the bathroom, but he won’t get up at night to go pee.


What I did…was I let my little pee the bed. Yeah it sucks, its alot to clean up… but after a few times of peeing the bed and having to wake up and change clothes and change bed sheets… my little eventually stopped and started waking me up to go. :heart: shes now fully potty trained.

Some kids are just heavy sleepers. My son didn’t start waking himself up at night to use the bathroom till he was 5 1/2.


Leave him in his underwear, don’t put pull-ups on him. After a few times if peeing in the bed he’ll realize he doesn’t like it and learn to get up to go to the potty… It worked for my two year old

Limit drinks after 6pm, wake him up take him for a pee before you go to sleep


My 4 year old gets no liquids after 6:30pm. Bedtime is at 7:30 (she may have a sip or two of water if needed but not a full cup). I used to wake her up to go pee before I went to bed at 11pm but now she wakes up anywhere between 2-4 am to pee. Bed wetting still happens every now and then though.

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No liquid after 7pm. I had a training potty and nightlight in my kids room so they didn’t have to walk down the hall at night. Worked wonders! Now they have a portable nightlight that they carry down the hall to the bathroom with them :slight_smile:

I think one should let the child pee before bed and wake the child to go pee during the night and early morning

Do your research on night time training…

That way it’s a practice for the child

I wake my son up before I go to bed and make him go potty, then he’s dry until the morning


Your gonna have lots of advice with this thread. But it comes down to your little one being ready. Does he always wake up with a soaked pull up? Or is it dry most times? If wet everyday then not ready. If dry then time to get some confidence and sleep without a pull up. If accidents happen then oh well. It’s part of learning


Its developmental he will do it when he is ready. They sometimes cant feel the sensation when asleep and not wake up thats why some 10 year olds still wet at night. If he is nappy free during the day except for sleep times that is awesome :clap:t2:


I have a mattress cover and a mattress pad on my daughters bed and i put her in regular underwear at night instead of the diaper/pull ups and limit drinks before bedtime


Have him go potty before bedtime no drinks after 6 pm i did with my kids it seemed to work

I cut drinks off for all my kids at 6:30. My 5 year old still wets the bed at time of be sneaks a drink without me knowing my 4 year old doesnt wet the bed and hasnt in almost a year and she drinks from my cup of water throughout the night. It depends on the child.

You need to wake him up in the middle of the night to pee. It sucks and the kids usually cranky and so are you but it helps


Have u cut liquids after a certain hour?
Make him Potty twice before bedtime

Night lights. Maybe he’s afraid of walking through the house when it’s dark?


Nightlight to direct the location of portable potty in their room, wake them up before midnight and guide them to pee, use waterproof mattress protector in case of accidents. I am a SAHM and this waking -them-up-to-pee-before-midnight phase was very difficult for me because i was dead tired and asleep as well but worth the sacrifice.