How can I offer someone car seat advice?

Nicely bring it up, if they don’t listen, call the cops. :woman_shrugging: They’ll thank you later when an accident happens and the child doesn’t die.

“Hey! I saw this really interesting video about car seat safety. Wanted to pass it along in case you haven’t seen it. It’s a MUST see for sure.”

Then follow up with an awesome YouTube video about car seat safety. :+1:t2:


Ask them if you can give them some helpful advice on car seat safety say you’re only caring for the safety of your nephew

Their pediatrician should be asking them about how the baby is facing. You could recommend they go to a fire station and have it properly installed or You could have her message the car seat for littles group page and be able to show them pics of proper install for the child. Put the ball in her court, but have her double check with experts that she’s putting the child in safely.

Go and talk to them face to face. Power point them lol

Talk to your MIL! If she cares anything about the kid. She will handle it. It is her son that’s being irresponsible with her grandchild.


When you see it, say something. Plain and simple. They might not have any idea. If they don’t like it, tough shit. It’s not like you’re saying something to be spiteful, you’re saying it because you care. Pull up the crash test videos of improper car seat safety so they can SEE IT for themselves.

I would send an anonymous package with the laws, safety guidelines for kids for that particular brand. Honestly if they are that unsafe in the car, I can only imagine how they are at home. Seriously, you need to really evaluate if the baby’s safety in their car and home is not worth ruffling feathers. If this baby dies in an accident or because of unsafe practices at home, because you didn’t want to upset them directly or anonymously via package, you will regret it.


Have a grandparent talk to them

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You could send them the proper info. I do believe it’s also illegal to do that.

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I mean its child endangerment. I dont care who it is I’m gonna tell you straight forward what you’re doing wrong because when it comes to carseat safety it isnt an opinion, its facts, and they need to get that sh- straight because they’re risking the safety of that damn child.

Does your local police department run where they install car seats for free in your area .that.might help

Express your concern for baby’s safety and politely inform them of the proper way to exercise car seat safety. Also worth looking up your local car seat laws. They may be breaking the law by having baby forward facing that young.

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Send them a safety video.

No need to be polite when it comes to the safety of children. Be blunt, pull up some statistics to give them, show them pictures and videos.

I follow a car seat safety technician here on Facebook- In The Know Car Seat Pro. You could always do the same and share posts with relevant info on your feed.

I found the lady because she commented on a picture comment on a Graco ad. Someone posted a picture showing off their child in a Graco seat. The child was improperly buckled in and the technician commented saying as much. The parent was offended, but I learned something new about car seat safety and told her as much, then followed her. I’ve learned several things I wasn’t aware of since then. So, yes, people can be offended but maybe sharing a post in your feed could subtly educate. The other way is to say, “did you know you should only be able to get 2 fingers between baby and the straps?” or “did you know you shouldn’t be able to pinch the straps? I didn’t until I saw a post from a car seat technician. I changed mine right away!”

People can be offended, but it’s on them if they disregard your advice and something happens. At least you know you did what you could 🤷


Just tell them ! Better to be safe than sorry !!!

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Go for a ride with her and ask her to stop at the fire station …on the premise you want to pick up a tshirt. Mention that they give free safety inspections on installation of car seats and it would not hurt to get a cute fireman to give you some attention. The firemen/EMT’s are the ones who clean up the messes from accidents and they will set her straight. They actually won’t let you leave if they see a child in an improperly installed car seat.


Honestly, call the pediatrician that the baby goes to. The pediatrician can address it with them and educate them.

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To be honest it’s their kid they’re going to do whatever they want with their kids no matter what you say.