How can I offer someone car seat advice?

Another option is you could just be an anonymous dick and call the cops next time you know they leave with the baby and give them the cars plate number and tell them the baby is 8 months and forward facing with loose straps and you’re worried about the babies safety :woman_shrugging:t3:

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It is illegal in all 50 U.S States to forward face a child before their 1st birthday.

Here here’s a comment everyone will like just call CPS on them bet total dick to the person

I hope you’re able to help educate her and help her correct it before it’s to late and God forbid something happens. If need be I would ask her to go by the fire department or the police station. They will educate her.

tbh what i would do if i were you is pretend you JUST learned new shit. so they don’t feel stupid for being behind and ultimately get defensive and resistant to education. be like “hey did you know kids aren’t supposed to wear coats in their car seat? i just learned that the other day and it’s crazy cause i always remember being bundled up”. then let the conversation flow. tell a horror story or two. make it a conversation, not a lecture.

It’s actually illegal to front face before one! Some states it’s illegal before 2.


The message would come across more effectively with actual videos.

This one is on rear vs front facing.

This is on winter/bulky clothing…

Your boyfriend’s brothers kid is not your nephew. :woman_shrugging: You could always buckle it properly and show them how it’s supposed to be. Thick bodysuits aren’t going to be an issue if they have it buckled properly and don’t have a big bulky coat on under the straps. You could also point out that you always worry that they would be charged with child endangerment if they were to get pulled over as legally baby has to rear face until over a year old. That might get them to switch it for awhile longer.

Is it safe no.Do I agree with it no.I have children also before anyone says,anything.Mind your own business.It does not matter what you say or a cop says or cps they will do what they want when no one is around.

Tell them straight up say it’s highly dangerous and illegal talk to your partner tell him to say something. You don’t mess around when it comes to car seats and children. Be the “bad guy” better then a guilty conscience god forbid something happens. If they want to see they baby while in the front seat they can buy a mirror attachment to see the reflection threw their rear view.


Find something about car seats and then tag them in it. Say, “have you seen this, ______?”


Maybe mention watching a video of a car seat crash test and see how if the child isn’t properly strapped in or is wearing big bulky clothes what could happen if they were in a wreck. It only takes one time.

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This bothers me so much,u r not alone and I see it so much its crazy…I always find myself giving people advice in this situation also showing them facts but people r careless and dont listen so good luck…my daughter just turned 2 and is still rear facing

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My sister was like this I just told her straight, child safety is more important

Just tell them. Then leave it be.

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Tell then they should go to the fire station and make sure their seat is installed properly. They do those things and maybe they will explain the rest as well. My youngest grandson is 4, tells his mom its to tight, I fight with it but I know he is safe and it reminds me to take off his coat.

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It’s technically child endangerment at that point. If they won’t listen to you, find someone else they’ll take seriously. I would just tell them straight up & show evidence as to why it’s not safe (and in a lot of places, not even legal)

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It’s sad hospitals aren’t showing these things before they leave with the baby. I couldn’t leave till I watched videos and the car seat one was included… I’d give them information on it.


That’s a touchy situation but I’ve dropped hints by posting things on Facebook when a friend was mis-using a car seat also. I’ve started the conversation like I didn’t know this but it’s new that kids are supposed to rear face until 40 pounds or as long as possible because their spine isn’t developed yet. Something along that line so not to shame them sometimes people just don’t know. So scary :fearful: hope you can get through to them that’s definitely not safe


Just tell them straight, if they get into an accident that baby can have serious injuries!! Or show them videos of car seat safety !!