How can I parent my unruly child?

I have two kids; they are both 8. One is very well behaved and mannered. However, my daughter is extremely rude and disrespectful. We have tried everything. The only thing we have not done is get physical with discipline, nor do I plan to. I’m just curious to know if anyone is willing to share what they do at home so I can see if I haven’t yet tried that. The other option is a therapist. Since we aren’t a rude or disrespectful family, still go above and beyond for her and don’t ever make her feel unloved. We just can’t figure out what is causing her so much anger and negative behavior. I will say I’m working myself on not rewarding her as much. I use to get on to her about whatever she did wrong, but by the end of the day, we would be doing fun things as a family. I know that was sending her mixed messages, so I’m working on that. We love doing things as a family, and because of that, we truly want her attitude to change so we can fully enjoy family outings without having to talk to her when she acts out constantly. I’m 100% open to ideas, so I do plan on commenting and giving feedback.


ADHD can cause these behaviors


Take her to the therapist. Maybe there is something going on you’re not aware of, and it doesnt have to be a home thing.
Also, even if it is family events, when shes acted out. Dont let her in on the family event. Sounds ignorant but maybe she needs that interaction-watching the fun be had and having to sideline it because of her actions. Shes 8 now. If not curved now, you’ll be bailing her out at some point in life, making more excuses for her. Get tough momma.


She needs to lose material things she loves the most. Into a Goodwill box.


Maybe enroll her martial arts

Diet change… we took away foods with red dye and it was life changing!!


Watch the show (with the British nanny) she has a ton of suggestions that work.

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Strong willed child. Read james Dobson and therapy. Watch diet and make sure shes getting sleep and have her checked at a chiropractor bc spine health is directly related to brain function, so is the gut. But if she is a strong willed child, this is just her and it is what it is. My sons the same way. Im learning to accept him as he is bc weve done numerous counseling, behavior specialists and have used every agency available. Hes on meds for adhd and i give consequences hoping one day it will sink in. Hes 11 and ive been dealing w it since he was 4.

Every behavior fulfills a need. Figure out what need she has that is being satisfied by her bad begavior (venting emotions, attention, avoiding chores) and find a resolution for the need

This is what we do with my 8 year old daughter. If she talks foul or treats people a certain way. We do it right back to her 100 times over. Then she gets upset. Then will ask her why she’s upset,she tells us because we talked rudely to her. She then learns and understands how it feels to be treated the way she has treated people and she’s getting better

I think you are going to have to show some tuff love with her. Even though you like having everyone doing the family fun stuff you are going to have to show her you are serious and not let her participate in them and maybe that will help with her attitude. Take away all of her material items even if that means all she has left for a little while in her room is a bed her clothes and a light. If taking everything away from her doesn’t work I would recommend talking to someone to see if something else is going on with her that you don’t know about. Good luck with whatever you decide to try!!

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She needs her ass beat


Talk to her before she acts out…
Who is the one scolding her? Change that around…
Go volunteer as a family outing and see how that goes
Stand back and watch everyone, with your mouth closed and eyes open…What do you see? Cause people aren’t always what they seem…

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You say both of your children are 8, but you didn’t say they are twins.
Is there sibling rivalry?

Is she bullied in school. How are her grades

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I have 3 children 1 who is grown 25, and 2 teenage boys 15, and 17 , who are all respectful, helpful, good grades, they were all disciplined by a belt when doing wrong. “Spare the rod, spoil the child…” a child learns that there’s ‘’ consequences" for their actions.
I am very blessed to have great kids, and I owe it all to tough love when they were smaller. If you don’t correct it now, it will be to late when they are older.


I would start with food changes.I would provide talk therapy.

Sounds like you might want to rethink your spanking situation if we acted this way as children we got our butts whooped and my children know if they act this way they will hence they are respectful and well behaved

Those are some classic signs that something is wrong in her life, whether you see it happening or not. Start with a therapist and see what happens.


She could have allergies your not aware of