How can I prepare myself and my daughter for my return to milk?

I need advice/tips on preparing my baby girl (and myself) for when I go back to work. Right now, she will not accept a bottle; we’ve tried Tommy Tippe and Nanobebe. She does okay with the Nanobebe but will cry on and off the whole time my fiancé is trying to feed her. I make sure I’m not around while he’s doing this. She’s four weeks old today, and I’ll be going back to work when she’s 12 weeks. Also, I’m confused about how I should be going about making a stash. How much is a good amount to freeze in one storage bag? I’m not sure how much she will be eating by then… and since I exclusively breastfeed, I’m not even sure how much she’s eating now. And if I pump 2 oz and then 2 oz an hour later, can the 4 oz total be frozen together? What are the guidelines for storing milk?


my daughter froze tons and then donated it to places that needed it

My youngest son would only take Lanisoh Momma brand. We tried 7 or 8. Never would take a different brand. My other 3 i didn’t have issues. Pump when you can to freeze in milk storage bags.

Milky Mamas Breastfeeding Support Group is a life saver and can answer all of these questions!

In terms of storing milk - don’t add fresh milk to frozen.

So in your example, if you pump 2oz and leave it on the bench and add more later that’s fine!

The way I remember it is using my hands. Wrap your thumbs around each other and you’ve got - 4 fingers = 4 hours on the bench, 2 thumbs =2 days in the fridge and 4 fingers =4 months in the freezer (6 months for chest freezers or deep freeze)

i always tried to have bags of 4/5/6 oz. i never actually breastfed only exclusively pumped since my son didn’t latch but i’ve heard to let your baby pick the bottle, try getting a bunch of bottles 1 of each kind if you can and see if that helps? we used tommee tippee with my first, i’ll be using nanobebe and comotomo with our newest. comotomo is supposed to be really good for breastfed baby’s!

It may be the bottle try other brands like nuk, or nuby, or avent good luck :+1:

I swear by avent, both my breastfed sons easily took to the avent bottles.

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After you feed, pump each side. That’ll ramp up your production.

I would store 2-4ozat time just so you don’t waste much of it. I stored 4 oz at beginning and wasted a lot it was so sad. I would try the dr brown or comotomo bottles the comotomo

Finding the nipple that best matches your nipples will be the best first step. I found the nuk brand was the best for my fussy one

My daughter would scream and cry with any nipple(we tried Avent and Nuk) until I found MAM brand nipples/bottles then she became less picky with the other nipples I had previously tried after a short while.

Try the Dr brown bottle my gran babies used it they seemed to like it less gas on the stomach I believe it has a straw in it that sits on the top of the bottle and you screw the nibble to it

Best bet call lactation specialist for information

Mam nipples worked great for my little one.

I would freeze my milk in ice cube trays and once frozen transfer them to the milk bags. Each cube is 1 ounce, making it easier to determine what she would eat. Nothing was wasted this way… I started pumping when my kids where born to establish enough of a supply so I never really ran low on milk but I would think starting off with shorts spurts in between feedings until your body produces more to keep up with the demand, increasing length of time gradually until you meet your desired daily amount. If possible, I recommend joining a la leche support group.

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I don’t have any advice on getting her to drink from a bottle as I haven’t had that issue… We use Comotomo bottles.
Yes, you can add the 2 ounces from 2 pumping sessions together.
Breastmilk can be room temp for 4 hours, refrigerator for 4 days, and freezer is best to be used within 6 months.
I shoot for 4 ounces in each bag… and baby will probably eat every 3-4 hours. Sometimes there’s a little left from the 4 oz, but I’d rather that than having to open a new bag. My son is 3 months!
Hope that helps some! :heart:

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Don’t stress. I never got more than a few ounces at each pump. I went back to work at 7 weeks and only had a day or two of milk saved up from pumping after each feeding. The milk you pump while at work will feed them the next day. We made it 13 months and I worried the entire time she was not getting enough even though she was a very plump healthy baby. I did pump at even break ( every two hours) and at lunch. You can pump less if you have good production but I was always trying to increase my production. Fenugreek did help.

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Is work close enough for you to go feed her in your lunch??? My youngest NEVER took a bottle and he went to daycare at 6 weeks. I breastfed until he was 19 month. I would feed him when he got up, too him off when I dropped him off, back at lunch to feed him the. Fed him as soon as I picked him up. In the rare occasion he wanted some i between the daycare had a bottle with a big hole and would squeeze into his mouth. He WOULD NOT a suck the bottle. We tried!!! It worked for us but work and daycare was only a couple miles and I had a great boss.
Good luck.

I have an experience to share that may help. Years ago My sister in law was breast feeding her 6week old third child after having bottle fed her other2 who were 14 and16 at the time. She had decided it wasn’t going well and wanted to change to formula but the baby didn’t like it. He was crying all the time and seemed hungry. I must spent close to an hour trying get him to drink the formula. With a lot of patience and cuddling he finally drink almost4 oz of formula. Morale it just takes time and patience

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