How can I prevent my baby catching the cold that I have?

I’m coming down with a cold I’m terrified to get my four week old sick. Currently wearing a mask but has anyone done this and actually avoided getting their little one sick?


I just went through having a cold and my little one didnt catch it. Lots of handwashing and just try to keep your face away from theres

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They cant build immunity until exposed to basic things. Always be wise, just not fearful


Are you breastfeeding? If so your body will produce the antivirals that baby needs in your milk.


My youngest had his first cold around that time. It stinks! Just know how to handle it just in case :slightly_smiling_face: humidifier, nose frida etc.

Kinda hard to prevent but steamy showers and boths with baby Vicks bath helps a ton for mom and baby both also instead of the normal bulb suckers for snot and mucus get the one that you put in their nose and you suck it up the tube