How can I protect my children?

I want some advice. I’m so lost on what to do for a back story. My ex and I were together for five years and had 2 children together. We spilled when they were 2&4. He met someone else and decided he would rather be with her than me. Since then, we have not been able to co-parent very well as his wife likes to get involved with stuff and pick fights. They have been on and off over the years. There was an incident about two years into their relationship where she took my then four-year-old from her car seat in an SUV and threw her into a muddle of mud as a punishment for my child pushing a child they had together who was 2. Child services were called, and the report came up unfounded because they coached my child to change her story, and there were no marks on my child to prove otherwise. The day the case was closed, his wife called and made a false report saying I sexually abused my children, and they were taken from me for three weeks. I had to fight to prove my innocence. It all came back unfounded after my children speaking to a child counselor who specializes in sexual abuse. The counselor even added in their report that the children seemed coached to say stuff. Children go with their dad three weekends a month, and during that time they do not shower, eat only once a day, wear the same clothing all weekend, have no rules, my eldest is left to care for the younger children (2 of them) while the sitter sleeps or dad is playing video games. A year goes by, and I get a call my children were in an accident while with their dad and are in the hospital. When I get there, my children are all cut up and bloody. They tell me they weren’t in their booster seats (5&7 at the time), and the five-year-old didn’t have a seatbelt on. A doctor from the hospital called child services after ex was arrested for driving on a suspended license due to lack of child support payments for children he had previous to our relationship. Child services find him guilty of child endangerment and neglect, but no criminal charges were pressed against him. Children are now 8&10, and recently child services were called because my eldest told a mandated reporter that their room at their dads was full of cat poop and pee, and they aren’t allowed to sleep in there because of it, so they had been sleeping on the living room floor or couch. Ex refused them entry when they showed up the first time and cleaned the room before they came back, so the case was closed. I recently found out that my ex’s wife has been physically abusing my children. She has been hitting them with a wooden spoon and slapped my oldest across the face. My children have no marks on their bodies, and I have lost faith in child services to protect my children. I don’t know what to do. Can anyone give me advice on how I can protect my children?? I wish I could just keep them, but if I did that I would be in contempt of the court order. I don’t have the money to take him back to court right now.


I just wouldnt send my kids. Does he have the money to take you to court?

You take out a loan. You talk to the courthouse and file paperwork to get a free lawyer. You document everything regardless of marks. Get your children back into therapy so they can tell the therapist was is happening and the therapist CAN AND WILL help them and you get full custody. I would have had my ass down to the courthouse filing for temporary custody on the basis of child abuse. The kids are old enough now to speak in court. Have the oldest bring a digital camera to dad’s and take pictures, video, and audio recordings as well. Document times and dates they go over and document VER BATIM what the children tell you happened. They need to be aware that they need to give actual days the events happened and approx time.

A swat on the ass is fine with me but not a wooden spoon

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Well if I was you; my children would never be going back to their dads! If there’s a will, there’s a way! Protect your kids at all costs!

Teachers have a right to report any abuse to CAS so if your children go to school saying that they are getting hit by your exs wife and everything they have to report it. Or if you take them to the clinic as well the doctors have the right to report it as well so low key have your kids tell their teachers and their doctors and they will report it. Also for the financial issue call legal aid and get some information with them and see if they can help you. Also you’re children are old enough to know what they want and dont want so if they dont want to go to their fathers they have a choice and you should not force them. If that comes up with court then your children can speak for themselves as well.


I’d move further away maybe then they would get less visit time or not make the effort to go out of their ways to pick the kids up. Sounds like a tough & toxic situation good luck. Try not to involve child services so much they’re more of a headache then their worth & could make the situation even worse. They’re not there to help like they claim to be. File indigent with Juvenile court & get a public defender. The filing fee could be waived most of the time.

First off I know this is just breaking your heart. Secondly NOBODY and I mean no one has the right to touch your kids in any fashion. I would apply for a protective order against her. I would take them to the dr and also chat with CPS (I know what you said about it) it’s important that these things are recorded. Perhaps you could file in court for supervised visits as well.


Go to court see a lawyer and stop access to there father now he needs supervised visitation with your children end of story


Post his address. Allow us to serve and protect :wink: #ProtectTheInnocent #MamaMafia


You need to go file for full custody first off. Also supervised visitation if you don’t get full custody. Ask for a guardian ad litem going to attach a link that explains what that is.
But if that were my children no one would be sleepy or living normal lives for me constantly bugging someone to do something about it. You are their voice. Not sure which state you’re in or the family Court laws in your area. But you need help to keep them babies safe and hopefully you get it and they don’t have to suffer anymore. And I know all to we’ll how it is. Had 2 myself that were forced by the courts to go visit their dad. It isn’t good for them in the long run emotionally. I wish you luck and hope the best for you and your kids.

Go to court and file to modify visitation. Also have the children tell the school. Get them into counseling.


Her turn next, not a good feeling…

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Never ever allow anyone to put their hands on your child. I woulda beat her ass personally. But if you’re not like that. You should have filed a police report and called child protective services. There is no way in hell someone is putting their hands on my child. I will kill…as in take someone’s life for that.

Go to court and apply for a fee waiver and then apply for a restraining order and emergency custody orders to keep the kids from them. Ask for a court appointed attorney for the children and they will speak on the kids behalf. A judge who hears this will grant you full custody and give the dad supervised visits by a court approved supervisor


And also call the cops and ask them to do a well baby check. They will show up unannounced and you will have a police report. Document EVERYTHING. Every text phone call and thing your kids say

Lawyer up. Modify to have supervised visits with only dad. Get a protection order against mom. Again lawyer up.

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You need to get some small video equipment and some recording equipment to send for when they have to go on these visits to get some proof, and find a good lawyer, and just keep calling. Or refuse your ex to pick your children up on the weekend. And go to family court asap

You can also keep the kids and he would have to call the cops to get the kids back when the cops show up tell them that the kids refuse to go bec dad wife is abusive and they cant force the kids to go if they are scared. Tell the cops that you are filing emergency custody orders and restraining order. If your ex and his wife are really this bad then I doubt they will call the cops to get the kids when they miss a weekend. Good luck


Never stop fighting for them. Keep reporting it. Have your kids tell the school counselor what’s going on. Have the kids talk to CPS also.
Read about this story, you dont want this happening …