How can I quit breastfeeding at night?

Do any mommas have some tips/ tricks on how to stop breastfeeding at night? I need some serious help! My now 14-month-old was sleeping through the night and not waking to feed at all from the ages four mons - 9 mons. It wasn’t bad until recently where it feels like he wants to nurse all night long, and if I don’t give in and feed him, he’s crying, screaming, throwing his paci & cup. He’s on a pretty regular schedule as far as dinner, bath and then bedtime. I’ve even tried giving him a snack right before bed, thinking he’s not getting enough at dinner. I was trying to make it to 18 months breastfeeding, but at this point, I don’t know if I’ll be able too. Any tips or advice would be appreciated!! Also, tips on how to stop breastfeeding completely just in case it comes to that. Thank y’all!


He could be going through a growth spurt.


Separate beds if you’re co sleeping

My sister went thru same thing. She tried everything. She put vinegar on her nipples and everything. Finally she put bandages on her nipples and told him they was broke. It took a couple of days for him to get adjusted


When you are ready to stop tell him your boobies are broken lol seriously though he is 14 months he might understand that they broke no more milk comes out. I said that to my 1 year old it worked. She stopped trying to feed. Good luck!

If it’s an option have your significant other tend to him at night. Not having you as an option, out of sight. Good luck momma!


Why don’t you pump and introduce bottles before bed/nighttime, could have been a growth spurt and become habit, but it’s just not healthy for either of you at that age

I literally just stopped all mine at 18 month. Is just consoling them if needed. Is hard wrk but dont take long just rock back to sleep. Night wear that isnt where boobs out. Cushion inbetween can wrk so cant grab boob.

When I stopped I got really bad mastitis. x

Good luck, my 2.5 year old would want to breast feed all the way up till her brother was born and she was 20 months at that point

I breast fed my last one till she was 2 then she pushed off them nolonger wanting to. She would never take a bottle u just gotta introduce more foods less milk .

It could be that he is doing it for comfort and to be close to you.

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The way to wean (what I was told ) is you
Start with taking away one feeding during the day , then another . Night time feeding is the last to go because that is their comfort and the hardest . I stopped breastfeeding during the day when my son was 16 months . He wasn’t completely weaned until 20 months

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You Betta let him cry…

All i wanna say is my son is 2 years & a month.
I thought he was done breastfeeding,just for bed, but hes seem to start it back up with a vengeance.
So weaning won’t be as cut and dry as you may hope it to be :woozy_face:

It doesn’t sound like he’s waking up hungry but needs emotional support from his momma. I know some people are against co-sleeping. But it can help him with the seperation anxiety.

I went to 2 years with my son. When the time came, I brought him into my bed at night but also told him no when he asked or motioned for it. He whined a bit and wasn’t happy but he got over it.

Only thing I can say is honestly, just don’t give in. Usually it takes 2-5 days for them to realize that you’re not giving in. It’s super hard, but he knows you’re gonna give in, that’s why he does it. But as far as stopping breastfeeding, use cabbage leaves to dry you up. You put them in the fridge to cool, take 2 leaves, out on breast before putting on a bra and replace after it wilts (1.5-2.5 hours).

My daughter is 14 months and has started doing the same. But I’m choosing to push thru it. Is your son teething at all? She’s getting her 3rd and 4th tooth right now so nursing is a comfort thing for her right now. I’m not a fan of the cry it out method at all. If you can’t do the breastfeeding at night maybe try a pacifier or bottle instead that why he can have it in his crib and get it when he’s looking for some sort of comfort. Otherwise I just have my daughter nurse and sleep with me when need be.

My naynay (she’s 14 months old) is going through that right now. All I can chalk up to it being a phrase, sleep regression and teething pains all combined in one. What I do is encourage her to eat as much as possible during the day, and on really bad days, I’d give her baby meds before her bedtime. Hang in there, momma!