How can I regulate my daughters sleeping pattern?

Does anyone have any sleep advice for a five-year-old, who I’m pretty sure has her nights and days mixed up like an infant? My daughter will fall asleep anywhere between 7 and 9 pm and sleep okay until 11 pm or midnight. Some nights we get lucky, and she sleeps until 2 or 3 am, but then she’s up until 6 am and then wants to sleep until 10 or 11 am. She gets her best sleep from 4 am to 10 am usually. And I’m exhausted! We use melatonin, and it helps her get to sleep but does not help her stay asleep. And giving her extra melatonin when she wakes up doesn’t do anything. She doesn’t seem to be having nightmares or night terrors, just isn’t sleeping…yet I know she’s sleepy!!! I’m at a loss.


Maybe the melatonin is giving her night terrors?

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Keep her up later also had a dr tell my Slster in law to give benadryl at night for five nights to rest sleep schedule.

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maybe she has Insomnia.

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Do you try giving her a nap during the day? She may be overtired !

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If she takes any naps cut them out. Whem my daughter takes a nap she won’t sleep at night. Keep your daughter up during the day…it sounds like you just need to get her on a schedule. My daughter goes to bed at 7 on the dot and sleeps until I wake her up at 6-630 the next morning and doesn’t sleep at all during the day.

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My daughter does the same thing. I did no naps, take away electronics, exercise, and make her go to bed later.

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Wake her butt up at 7/8 am stop letting her sleep in and no naps during the day anymore.

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Can you handle keeping her up to midnight wake her up at 6 Keeping her up all day the following day maybe an hour nap but make sure she is back up by 4. Then keep her up until 9 and try putting her down if she doesn’t fall asleep until 10 or 11 that is ok follow the same pattern and see if that works I because it should adjust on it’s own.

You have to do the melatonin in smaller doses many hours before bed for it to help them sleep longer. Not big doses right before. My son is adhd and we have been going on the advice of the doctor on how to help and that’s one of the recommendations. I’d say to speak with your doctor for help because small children shouldn’t use melatonin regularly unless there’s an underlying health condition like autism or adhd. It’s good for resetting clocks and adjusting but not for regular use. At least that’s what I’ve researched and been told by doctors. If her sleep schedule is off then there could be other things impacting it. My youngest ended up having sleep apnea and needed surgery to have adenoids and tonsils removed so he could breath at night properly and now he doesn’t wake like that anymore. Good luck.


Dont let her sleep past 7:30-8am… wear her lil butt out during the day…

I’d ask doctors for physical with a work up. Could be physical like thyroid or something

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Melatonin could be adding to your problem- it can backfire and not help instead of helping…

Check when she is watching tv/tablets. I’d recommend making sure they are off at least 1 hour before bed, but each child is different she may need it off before then!

I agree with looking at her schedule. I don’t know that I would cut a nap completely (if she takes one) but shorten it maybe? If she isn’t taking a nap you might try a “rest time” during the day and see if that helps too - sometimes more daytime sleep is needed to make nighttime sleep happen.

Let her play HARD outside after dinner time. For at least an hr. Maybe 2.

Wear her out. Then a nice lavendar bath, a story, and I bet she will sleep like the dead

No naps during the day my son wakes up at 7 to 8 goes to bed about 9 to 10 like clockwork and trust me if he wakes up a hr late he stays up an HR later. You have to get her on a schedule or else she will just keep doing it over and over.

Increase physical activity and have her get up at the same time every day. Also, look into extended relief melatonin. Of course talk to pediatrician before adjusting medications

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Melatonin keeps me up all night with awful dreams

Don’t let her go to sleep till later maybe? Give her the melatonin around 10 pm and see how that works. There’s also sleepy time tea. If nothing works you might have to go to the pediatrician and have them prescribe something better

Melatonin can actually cause irritation in young kids and it increases insomnia.

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I’ve had insomnia since I was a little girl & most of my siblings did too.
If I fall asleep around 7 even now my body would automatically do the same exact thing.
I have to wait until at least 9 to fall asleep and I can not take naps and if I do they can only be an hour max (anything longer is an actual sleep and not a nap) and never after noon.
And physical activity and long days don’t help me sleep any better. No matter how tired I am when I hit the bed I cannot fall asleep.

It really is all about getting on a schedule but that is so hard to do.