How can I regulate my periods?

When I was 16, I had an ultrasound and showed I have cysts on my ovaries. So my periods have always been irregular. I may only have 1 or 2 periods naturally in a whole year. I’m now 27, and I have two children, ages 7 & 5. Iv has been trying for three years to have baby #3 with no success. It has been prescribed Prometrium to jump-start my periods and then has also taken five rounds of Clomid. Any advice to get my periods regular or any advice on which step to take next would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


That was me. I had to change my diet completely and I chosed to get off all meds. With diet and exercise I was able to get my period on track and boom conceived

Look up poly cystic ovarian synonym PCOS. Maybe it’s what is going on, maybe not. But if you think it is, there are different things you can do to help.

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I went through the exact same thing and ultimately it was the Keto diet that not only helped to regulate my periods, but also to conceive my 2 children.

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Black seed oil pills and apple cider vinigar pills

Eli ate ur pelvis after intercourse… I did with both my girls I have PCOS

Vitex it’s a vitamin I buy it on Amazon

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I know a lot of PCOS sufferers have great success with the keto diet

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You have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Secondary infertility is real. And you need medical treatment for it. Weight loss and exercise will help treat your symptoms including infertility however you need to see a doctor for a proper plan.

Femara (letrazole) helped me conceive. I have PCOS & was told I don’t ovulate like I’m supposed too. Second round of that medicine I was pregnant. Then 2 years later conceived naturally!

Balance by alani nu!!!

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Metformin helped me get pregnant with my son and I have pcos and have since I was diagnosed at 12

I would say it ain’t gonna happen I was like that I am surprised the doctor hasn’t told u unless they have a miracle drug now

I am sure maybe today but then sometimes we mess with Mother Nature, and maybe shouldn’t

I had a had a cyst on my ovaries and fell pregnant with twins twice naturally they did burst second time being pregnant

Sounds like you have PCOS. It’s going to sound counter productive but birth control. Take birth control for 6 months then when you go off it you should have a few months where you ovulate normally if your hormones, weight and everything else are in check. You really need a doctor who specializes in PCOS because we’re a weird breed. Clomid will induce ovulation if you find the right dose but if I remember you can’t take more than 6 rounds in a row without needing to take a break. If you’re weight is an issue then a treatment like metformin could also benefit you greatly.


Myo-inositol has been my best friend for PCOS. I was regulated with my period at 28 days at month 3 and so on and got pregnant at 7 months after starting.

I was diagnosed with PCOS…I tried for my 3rd child for a whole year before they put me in Metformin. I started the metformin in June and by September I was pregnant. I would talk to your doctor about metformin…Best of luck to you :blush:

Metformin. Low.carb diet…

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Just stop trying, for #3, so hard. Let your body do what it wants to do. Who knows…perhaps your body will tell you … 2 is enough.

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