How can I relieve restless leg syndrome?

Hi there I am currently 28 weeks and lately for the last week I have been struggling to sleep due to what I believe restless leg syndrome I explained to my boyfriend today why I have been so tired & said I don’t know when I’m lying in bed my legs get super tingly & uncomfortable also constantly having to rub them I toss & turn all night anyone else experience this ? also what did you do to help ease the rls


Tylenol helps.
Limit your caffeine intake, and get your iron checked.
If you find out the cause, you can keep it from happening.

Try warm bath with Epsom salts. Ask your OB if you can increase any of your vitamins could just be a minor deficiency. I am not pregnant but do have RLS. It sucks.

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I’m on pregnancy number 4 and I’ve had it each time during the pregnancies as well as when I’m not pregnant. I take magnesium supplements and an iron supplement as well a really good multivitamin. It’ll take a few days to notice an improvement but it really has helped me even more than the prescription medication they put me on for it.

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bananas were my bestfriend, I know its not cramping but it relaxes the muscles

Increase your potassium and magnesium.

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Baby #2 here I suffer from it in just everyday so mine is Ridiculous I could cry. I do warm baths before bed and magnesium vitamins

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  1. It’s very normal… had it with all my pregnancies…
  2. Body pillow works wonders! Baby can push on nerves and cause it…
  3. Also check your vitamin and minerals because it could be a deficiency… Dr will do blood work for you if you ask!

I had this problem when I was pregnant. I would get up and do squats for a few minutes and they lay back down.

Usually the restlessness would be gone.

Go for a walk, I suffer from restless leg syndrome on a daily basis.

My only advice is to stay hydrated and try and fall asleep BEFORE it starts

I have it and I am not pregnant. Potassium and magnesium suggested

Talk to Dr. I felt like I had restless leg and it turned into a pinched nerve in my hip because my hips were expanding

Drink lots of water and bananas help with muscle health. I also laid partially on my side with a pillow under my lower back and between my knees… good luck

Pickle juice helps a lot

Not sure if you can take while pregnant so ask your OB first but I drink half a tiny bottle of tonic water (maybe 5oz.) And it actually helps me a lot. Idk the science behind it but supposedly the quinine is what helps. I keep them on hand for those miserable nights. Its a small amount so see what your doc says. Everything online will scare you but i think thats in large quantities. Good luck!

pillow between your legs helped me for sure!

Try stretching. I have rls and I started stretching my legs and it has helped.

Look into somatic stretching, helped me a lot

That’s a vitamin deficiency, my grandma and mom swear by pickle juice. Just take a small couple sips before bed and you should be good. It also helps with Charley horses. I did this during pregnancy because all my vitamins were low even with a prenatal and it helped a lot toward the end of pregnancy