How can I remember those I lost at my gender reveal?

I’m having a gender reveal in April, I just recently lost three very special people in my life, and I want some ideas on how to add them in(pictures and stuff) it is outdoors so I’m looking for ideas of some decorating as well as something as like a tribute to them???


chairs with their photos in frames so it’s like they’re sitting there with you


I would do a memory table just like some people do at weddings. If has a sign or poem in the center and is surrounded with pictures of the loved ones who have passed


Light candles next to their pictures

Plant a tree? If it’s in your garden or somewhere that allows that to happen
If not a memory table with pictures and candle (if the weather permits)


Was their something they enjoyed? You could do a small set up on or near a table to tribute them.


We did a memory table at my sisters wedding

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I lost my mom and sister 4 month before I got pregnant with my twins and we did this…


You can reserve a small table for them with their photos.

Do this on a table with photos.


At my wedding, I had a china cabinet full of pictures of our loved ones that have already passed on. I found a poem that I loved and framed it with the pictures: “We know you would be with us today if Heaven weren’t so far away.” We got many many comments from our family and friends saying how much it meant to them to see that as well.

We put this on a chair at my wedding for my grandparents

Wee Dug Designs do photos onto wood great memory keepsake last forever they are on face book and Instagram x

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Please don’t release balloons it’s so bad for the environment.

Set up a table with their pictures and maybe a candle.


Set up a little display with their photos, make something that says “Hand picked from heaven…”

How about letting 3 balloons loose in their honor.

Hand out cards in remembrance of the ones u wish could be have helium balloons have each.person write a letter.set them free.oncenthe reveal to let them know

Were the people you lost all male or female. So say they’re all female and youre having a girl you could fill pink balloons with their pictures and when it pops you’ll see them. Or open a box of balloons and let them fly away with their pics taped/glued to them.