How can I slowly stop pumping?

My baby is almost four weeks old, and I’m not producing breast milk very much… I pump and formula feed. I would say about 90% formula feed… I had a c section and ended up with a wound VAC and still have it in plus I am diabetic and have gastroparesis, so it’s taking a lot out of my body… Plus, my husband has no patience lately, and I know he feels like he has to do everything, and I feel bad… My question is, how is the best way to slowly stop pumping that won’t hurt my boobs? They get rock hard and hurt but like I said I’m probably only getting 3 to 4 oz at a time with both breast, sometimes even less :sleepy: no judgment please I already feel horrible and like a burden on every One


Start spreading out the hours between pumps slowly. Good luck. It’ll be ok.

That’s a lot for that age. If you want to keep breastfeeding I suggest cutting out formula.

But I heard Benadryl dries you up.


Cabbage leaves on your boobs helps. You can also cut out formula and exclusively pump and try lactation cookies or body armor drinks to help boost your supply. Also look for support groups on Facebook


That’s amazing output for pumping! If you would like to continue breastfeeding you need to stop with the formula…sounds like you got stuck it the top up track. Baby that age should be getting fed on demand straight from the breast. If you need to pump and bottle feed baby should be getting no more then 3 or 4 oz at each feeding and should be pace fed with preemie nipples. Please join The Breast Republic support group for amazing advice and support. You can do this Mama!

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I was pumping 6 times a day and when I stopped pumping (for boob pain fear lol) it took me 6 weeks. Do normal one week, then 5 times a day for a weeks, 4 times a day for a week and so on. After I was down to one time a day it was for 15 mins for a couple days, 10 mins, 5 mins. But I never had any pain. It was a dreadfully slow process but so much better then hurting

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Cabbage :leafy_green: leaves on your boobs and rap them

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Just stop pumping one time each day. So if you pump every 3 hours, skip one time. Do it a couple of days then skip two times then so on. The other thing that you can do is freeze lettuce or cabbage leaves and throw them in the bra when your sore. Once the leaves thaw just throw them out. I breastfed first a couple of weeks with my first but the diabetes kicked my butt so I stopped. Second kid I breastfed once and only once when he was laid on my chest for skin to skin while they stitched my c section up. Hot showers and hand expressing in the shower helped me a lot to relieve the pain and pressure from full boobs. Nursing pads are a life saver too especially overnight. For whatever reason with my first I barely produced anything but with my second I was soaking thru bras and shirts multiple times a day. Definitely wear things that are comfy and easy to change if you manage to leak a lot. But definitely warm compress a few times a day if you’re able to at home and hand expressing helps.

I also have gastroparesis and was unable to breast feed due to not producing enough. I just stopped. No pumping… it hurt like hell for a couple days. A fed baby is a happy baby… so don’t feel shamed by trying to stop.

Sounds like the majority of people didn’t understand the question/concern. I was the same way after my C-section, could not produce enough milk and when it was time to stop I had mastitis too. Try slowly increasing the times between pumping and hand expression of hard breasts really helps as well…gets the milk out but doesn’t naturally tell the body to produce more like baby sucking does.

You actually get more breast milk while baby is latching. They have different movements and suctions then a pump. You’ll always get more with baby then pump. But also no judgment cause I quit after a month :joy:

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Cabbage leaves nice and cold will help…they helped me after my youngest.

For 4 w you’re getting quite a bit, but you gotta pump 7+ times a day. Im 8w, almost 9w exclusively pumping and the rock hardness has gotten better. The let down is still stinging. My baby still barely drinks more than 3oz during a feeding. I over supply atm though. For reducing your milk, when you use cabbage leaves, use them from the fridge, use the middle leaves from the head, crush the vein before inserting. Stay away from heat, cold compress is best. Pain meds for the pain, a Tylenol ibrophen mix helps with pain and swelling. Any antihistamines help dry you out. Not hot shower, or let the shower spray on back. Bind breasts, but not too tight. Im proud of you for going this far with health problems. I thought i was going to give up after my csection since my emergency csection with my stillborn was awful, but I felt really good after this planned csection. I wish I could get my babies to latch. This one almost did, but then it was like sike lol… other than the dishes I enjoy pumping anyway.

Wrap them tightly and within days the pain should go away. I remember tylenol helped if you can take that.

Nurse told me that I could wear a tight sports bra and avoid heat such as during showers. It worked for me.

3-4 oz is awesome! So I don’t know who told you your pumping output is low.

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I think you are getting alot!

Slowly drop down the length of time you pump. You can also try pumping just to relieve the discomfort. The less you pump the less you’ll produce. Do not pump until your breasts are empty. This will stimulate your body to make more milk.

Just stop and when they hurt take a warm shower a little warmer than you normally would and then express milk from them by hand. This is exactly what I did for both kids.

Use a tight fitting bra and stop pumping and just wait eventually the milk will dry up. If you have pain let warm water run over the breast in the shower that should help. Best of luck!