How can I slowly wean my daughter?

I have a 1yrs old she’s been exclusively breast fed. She’s eating solids, baby food, baby cereal, etc. she does sleep with me at night. It was and has been easier to feed her. No problem. But now, any time she sees me, it’s always booboo (her word for boobie). She constantly pulls on my shirt because she wants a boobie. or comes to me saying booboo because that’s what she wants. I’d like to hear other people’s suggestions to slowly wean her from breastfeedings. She really only gets breastfed when I’m not at work, so mainly in the evening and at night, she’ll wake for feedings, but I feel it’s more of a comfort thing to sleep. Ideas suggestion would be great. And going cold turkey is not an idea as we live with my father (their grandpa), who suffers from PTSD, and constant crying from her can set off a reaction. It’s a trigger for him.


Make it a before bedtime special thing and say that. Now she’s a big girl etc. Feed and cuddle as part of bedtime routine but drop the other feeds. She certainly shouldn’t be having night time feeds. Mine went solely to breast again at that age so I think it’s developmental/attachment too. She stopped bf completely by 18 months.

I stopped offering it except for nap time and bedtime. When/if she cries for it during the day outside of bedtime, I distract her with a toy or tickles or dancing - anything to get her focus off the breast! Then I offer her her water bottle once she’s forgotten about it and it’s been working for us!

Does she drink from a sippy cup? Sound a like she is using it for comfort, try giving her other milk which ever you like to try her on in a sippy like a big girl see how she does

Try a Minbie bottle. They’re the best for mimicking the breast and u can still cuddle her while feeding xx

Totally in the same boat. :sweat_smile: my little lad is 16 months and still has boobies to go to sleep and wakes at night to feed. If hes not feeling well or is teething, he very clingy and constantly hunts for boobs. I thought we were doing great just limiting it to night time but we seem to be stuck too. I’d love some advise. :grin:

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Pump your milk and put it in a cup or bottle for her. I did it with my 2 kids and eventually switched to milk. Excess milk can be put into her cereal or mashed veggies. Waist not aye. As they say, “do it for as long as you can”. They don’t say how though. Good luck.

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I gave my daughter a bottle and then went to a sippy cup. Cold turkey

Bandaids over your nipples at night. Say boo boos all gone. Took me till 18 months with my son but it worked

I thought I was ready to stop breastfeeding when my one and only Daughter was 2 years old, she’s now 2 years and 8 months, and still going strong. I plan to have her cut off by her 3rd Birthday in May. Good luck Mama :heart:

Trust me stick with it milk gets expensive and she will wean off when she’s out of the comfort feeding stage

Sameeee!!! I’m 14 months in with my little!! She still wakes up three times a night to eat, doesn’t take a bottle or cup if I’m around. Iv faced the fact that she will be in college before she self weans :joy::joy: but Iv hears the bandaid over the boob but if the crying is a problem let her go sleep somewhere away from you for a couple of night with bottles of milk and she should be good to go when she gets back! That’s what a friend of mines did.

What I’ve read was cut out one feeding a day, starting at the earliest feeding (so, if you normally nurse right when you get home, delay that by like 4 hours). Once she’s adjusted to dropping that feeding, drop the next one, and so on and so forth.

Just tell her no. It is hard but will work in the end. If night time is a problem it is time for her to learn to sleep in her own bed then. My child and I where co sleeping and when I weaned her she got to sleep in her crib.

I told my daughter who BF till the age of 2 that it was all gone, no more. She didnt fight it much.

I wish I could tell son is almost 2.5 and nothing will work