How can I soothe a baby who has hand foot mouth?

Looking to get advice on how to soothe and comfort a baby with hand foot and mouth disease, she is 1 yr and four months old, besides fever reducers, what else can be done?


Bonjela in the mouth

Calamine lotion all of the spots! My daughter had it really bad more on her body then mouth tho. It helped dry them up!

Pediatrician can prescribe something called a “magic mouthwash” to help mouth pain


Oatmeal baths help soothe their skin! Give them something cold to chew on for the blisters in their mouth.

Cold foods. Applesauce. Yogurt. Ice cream. Whatever to soothe her throat.

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Ask your dr to call you in major mouth wash helped my daughter

Please watch it my cousins boy age 2 just got of hospital after two weeks rare side effect could not stand ck blood levels high. A simple childhood thing that can turn deadly

Benadryl. Calamine lotion. Anti itch cream. My kids got HFM last summer, the only thing that helped my daughter was anti itch cream for her feet and hands. And lots of rest. Tylenol, ibuprofen, etc.

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Oatmeal bath… Thats what i did with my daughter

Yup Tylenol, oatmeal baths and anti itch cream other than that not much you can do. Thankfully once the blisters pop they seem to not bother them too much anymore

When my daughter had it I’d put a few drops of Tea Tree oil in a warm bath, it helped her alot

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I was told Tylenol or ibuprofen to help but there’s not much to do…

Maalox an Bordeaux bbutt paste mix together the coat all over her/him Maalox helps sooth an buttpaste dries rash up

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My son had it at 6 months and pedialyte popsicles were our best friend! They kept him hydrated when he wasn’t taking much because of the mouth sores and he liked them!


You can put mylanta in her mouth. It helps with pain. The doctor told me it won’t hurt if they swallow it. My son had the blisters in his throat.

Use a straw (helps to avoid the blisters)to let the kid drink and suck yogurt, smasched fruit ice cream or other things… And especially mashed bananas… They contain enzymes that sooth the pain… At least it helped with my little one

Calamine lotion will help sooth there skin so they dont itch as much. Oatmeal baths and fever meds if they have a fevet

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Swab insides of mouth with qtip soaked in a mix of Malox/Mylanta & Benedrayl.


Oatmeal baths can help