How can I stop my child from biting when I breastfeed?

My 6-month-old baby has two teeth, and he bite my nipple very badly how I try to stop him. Because of working women, he is on formula milk and using bottle feeder. After I came to work he is on breastfeeding

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I flicked my kids cheeks and told them no really sternly. They would laigh, but when I still had the mad face, they would tear up and understood I wasn’t happy with them. They stopped after that.

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I stopped when our son started to bit. He left bruises but when he drue blood that was the final straw. He was get with the bottle.

Stop feeding and say no then start feeding again if they bite stop again and say no
Don’t yell just talk to them the baby is still teething that’s why he or she is biting

My mother said my sister bit her and out of reflex mom slapped her on the cheek not hard but stern !!! She quit bitting

With all 3 of my kids, any time they bit, I would pull them off, tell them no biting and try again a little later. My Dr’s advjsed me to do so. When baby is hungry enough, they won’t bite.


I lightly flicked my daughter once, she never bit again

As soon as they started biting that was the end of me nursing. They would not stop.