How can I support my husband who suffers with depression?

My husband has major depression and was have some issues with work, so he was taken out of work for 30 days. He says I don’t support him. No matter what I say or do, it seems to trigger his depression and leads to us fussing, and it mostly stupid stuff. What is something that I can do to help?


Have you guys tried finding a doctor to treat his depression ? There are alot of medications that work


Drs, counseling, communication


You cant do it on your own, he needs professional help


We watch Jimmy Evans on YouTube together. It has turned our marriage around. Prayers for you and your husband.

It’s not up to you to fix him. Couples counseling and individual counseling for him.


Just be there for him with a lot of patience

What’s he doing to help himself?


Essential oils may be help certain lights salt lamps…coping skills certain sounds be there for him
I use apps to help me and meds watching something that may make him laugh
Have a lot of patience

Ask him how you can show your support

My husband went through the same issue a couple years back. He went and talked to his dr and got on medicine and went to a counselor. I just made sure I was there for him and supportive when I could. But he does need to talk to someone so they can help him as well. Just keep trying be there for him as much as you can


Compliment him all you can and get him out doing things !

Get counseling to help you deal with his depression.

Sounds like he needs medication(s)!

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Please just listen. Don’t try and fix everything. Let his feelings be valid. They’re his feelings. Let him be heard. Whether you agree or not. Just let him “feel”. Depression is ugly.


Bring him to see a Dr. To get treated. Sometimes depression can’t be cured by yourself sometimes you need a professional. I’ve been dealing with severe depression and anxiety for years and I was too embarrassed to see a Dr so I tried to help myself and it didn’t help too much. A little bit but not much. Until I seen a Dr. Now I’m living a happy life. I still have depression and anxiety but it’s maintained and controlled

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If you feel like you’re trying to be supportive but he says that you’re not, ask him what you can do to show support. Don’t ask this during an argument, it’ll come off wrong. I’ve suffered from depression in the past and having someone genuinely ask about how they could support me or help was one of the greatest feelings during that time. If he hadn’t seen a doctor then maybe suggest that he does, and counseling. Most GPs just handle basic stuff when it comes to depression and in order to get the best help he should see a doctor that specializes in mental health.

I’m afraid people who suffer with depression always hurt those closes to them. I also think the depressive is ’ testing’ the supporter to see if they really are loved. Time is a great healer. But in the meantime Doctors, medication, good food absolutely NO BOOZE plenty of rest, spending time with love ones as long as they are supportive

I never thought therapy would really help, but it does. Getting out of depression is a process, it takes time, but getting help makes you feel less alone and better supported as you go through the motions

You need professional advise on how to support him
Get an appointment with a therapist THIS WEEK.
You’ll have no idea what will help him if you dont. Nobody does