How can i talk to my son about his relationship without pushing him away?

It is your business! Your son is in a toxic relationship. At a young age and it’s forming what he will accept in future adult situations and relationships. It’s your job to teach him what’s healthy and what’s not! And I am
positive her manipulative, controlling behavior was most definitley learned at home. Chatting with her mother will do you no good. She coaches her. Tell your hubby you two didn’t have to deal with social media young. Its a whole new dangerous world. I’d run her off! He’ll thank you later!


Omfg I can’t be bothered to read all this, sounds like he goes after girls just like his mother. You are snooping in his shit, if he wanted your help he’d ask. Leave him alone, he’ll figure it all out and all you can do is be there for him when shit goes down.


I would stay out of it . I definitely wouldn’t be going through my teenage sons phone to snoop on him and his gf . You can say it’s to make sure he isn’t doing anything he shouldn’t online but once you read message to and from his gf that’s crossing a line. Butt out

He needs to learn quickly, that she or ANYONE is NOT worth the drama.

It never hurts giving your opinion and letting him get ur view on things. But at the same time let him make his own decision on who he can and cant date. Every adult went through heartaches and break ups but thats how we learned and helped us figure out what we really needed out of our next relastionship. No matter what he’ll always appreciate ur opinion regardless what age he is.

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You can have the conversation with him letting him know that abusive relationships also happen to boys and men. Unfortunately, they aren’t discussed as much as abusive relationships towards women. What the young lady is doing is called emotional abuse. As his parents you have every right to discuss this and guide him on blocking her from his phone and social media. Turning a blind eye and staying out of it isn’t always in the best interest of your teen. Good luck

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You need to let him make his own choices and be there for when he needs you. He isn’t going to learn these important life lessons if you keep stepping in. No one wants to see their kid hurting. But he needs these lessons so he can have successful healthy relationships as an adult. Advise him, but his choice should be his own.


Well when you “break up” a relationship of your friend to steal her man, she’ll never trust him ijs. He will get tired so all a mother can do is explain her thoughts in a caring but firm way, and leave him be. Trust me (having sons), he’s paying attention, boys deal with things much differently.


I feel you mama but the best thing is to let them learn the hard way n stay out of it…

They both, if they want to continue the relationship, should have counseling. If not, let them learn on thier own, its part of life, if you dont learn, your doomed to repeat.

Sorry I don’t agree with most who posted. I am very close to my children. They are adults now. But as teenagers, when I Knew something wasn’t right, in their relationships, I spoke up. I “saved” one son from becoming a father; at a very young age. This girl, had made it known, that she intended to get pregnant. So if I were the mom, I would tell/show him the proof of her conniving ways. Explain to him what “emotional” abuse is.
As stated before. We didn’t have the Social media to deal with back in the day. But we can not raise our children, like we were raised. That world doesn’t exist anymore.

My advice, STAY OUT OF IT, let it go! It’s none of your business! Believe me, I’ve lived it! Pray about behind closed doors! That works miracles!

Tell him your story of being manipulated or manipulating. Show him that you can be a nonjudgmental sounding board and leave it at that.

Speak your mind. Be honest. He might hate you for it but it won’t last. Always be honest, even if it hurts.

Stop trying to save him from a real life situation. Advise him of your opinion and give some guidance and step back some. You can’t control him, her or the situation.


It sounds like you love your son and want what is best. We all get it. But my advice is to stay out of it. As painful as that may be. You cannot shield your son from all life’s hardships, and young “love” is more often than not, just one of those hardships. If he is continually protected/shielded/coddled, he won’t ever learn how to navigate through tough times on his own. I know you mean well, but trust me this isn’t the way to do it. The best thing you can do for your son? Be there for him to listen. And only offer advice if he asks. And if he doesn’t choose to act on your advice, that’s ok too, because life will go on. Nobody wants to see their child(ren) get hurt, but you want to model adult behavior. Not sneak through his things and interfere. The more you are there for him as a non-threat, non-judgemental person, the more he will come to you and trust you with personal info. I really do feel for you, and your son, but he will get through this. I have a feeling he will “see the light” on his own before long. Remember, a leopard doesn’t change its spots (the girlfriend). Good luck. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is why my son isnt allowed to date . When he moves out and gets his own place and graduates high school and has a college education and career he can do whatever he wants. This kind of thing shouldnt be what is on your sons mind. His education should be

Wow I can’t believe all of the harsh comments on here. This is a very abusive relationship he is in.Teen Dating Violence is a very real thing and February happens to be awareness month. You are doing the right thing as a mom and you do need to talk to him, support him and remind him that this behavior is not okay. His self-esteem may be low as I am sure this girl has chipped away at it. Stay involved and continue to be the fierce mama bear you are.


Wow!! My sons would disown me. Wow!! Just wow!!

Make sure he knows how much he is loved by u dad and family and she is like that due to her own insecurities and lack of self love there is no amount of love he can give her to make her change especially at such a young age…let him know u are there no matter what he does.