How can i talk to my son about his relationship without pushing him away?

This is why I told my boys no dating until they’re 40​:joy::joy::joy:

As a parent of 30yrs, I have to be HONEST You didn’t have anything to say when you’re son broke up with his GF to date her Bestfriend which is really slimy behavior, So Let him find out that the Grass ISN’T greener on the other side Life has a way of teaching our children lessons that we as Parents cannot shield them from, this just may be HIS Karma Mom.


My son dated same kind of girl and my biggest fear happened, she became pregnant and it’s been years of hell. These type of girls will use the child to control,not only him but you as well. So if I were you I would let him know to never trust a girl’s word about birth control and make sure he has his own.

Let him ride it out mom! The best lessons are taught from life and heartache. All you can do is be his shoulder to lean on and support him in whatever decision he makes! It’s hard but worth it!


Your a momma its our jobs to be over protective of our kids…but poppa is right lol down girl

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He is still a minor. You as a parent make sure he is doing okay and is making proper decisions. He isn’t old enough to make his own.

If hes not an adult yet then block everything on his phone from said chicks number and social media explain to him what a narcissist is. And also let him know hes under your roof he has to obey by your rules if he doesnt want to take the phone and vehicle away

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Just show him the evidence and back off … ppl like her do not change … he may take her back but he will regret it. He needs to learn for himself


Sit down with your son, the girl AND her mother. Let her know about her daughters “stalkerish” behavior and the fact that she is trying to control his every movement, who his friends are and where is is. This little girl needs therapy before she physically hurts your son. Change his number if you have to, block her from calling, texting or seeing him on social media. You are his mother…it is your job to protect your boy!!


The real victim here is the first girlfriend… What he did in the first place, leaving his first gf for her best friend is wrong in so many different ways ,its horrible what he and the bestfriend did, he got what he deserved!!you can’t build your happiness on some else’s unhappiness!!! Hope this is a lesson to him!!

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Block her…
Stalking and threats…illegal…
File a police report.
He already broke up with her…he said he is not happy with her.
She sounds like she has mental issues .
Do something before this becomes uncontrollable and dangerous or accuses him of something.
Your son needs some counseling to understand what is happening…
Manipulation…not Love. Her thing is about control and self gratification…

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Her behavior will escalate

Go to its a domestic violence resource for teens. Print out some of the checklists.


Buy him a dog collar and a leash, tell him to practice wearing before they get back together then shut up and don’t mention it again. See if he is smart enough to figure it out himself!


Too much going on for teenagers.
Sounds like he’s just old enough to have got his license, maybe he needs to hold off on the dating thing because he’s not ready

If you can keep him away from her, you should try. She will ruin his entire life.

He’s needs a big sister like me. She’d never look his way again. :+1:t4:

Listen to your husband!


Your son is old enough to make these decisions! I can’t believe how involved you are in his private life! You’re the one pushing him right into her arms! You can’t protect them forever, it’s time for him to at least start being a man! You’re a girls worst nightmare!


Lessons n blessings , I hope he has learned n also hope he opens his eyes n sees things as they really are