How can i talk to my son about his relationship without pushing him away?

Stay out of it. You’ll lose your son if you don’t.


Ew youre one of those people.
Snoopy parents create nothing but sneaky kids let him find his own way in life damn


I seriously can’t believe some of y’all answers! He’s in a VERY UNHEALTHY relationship. And yes while he’s still old enough to make his own decisions this mom is truly concerned for her child as I would be about my sons. Mental abuse is a thing people and it fucks you up more than you think. What if the tables were turned?! Your answers would be different. Abuse is abuse no matter if you’re a female or male!

Like wtf? Why does a 16 yr old girl need my sons location at all times?! For what?! Like no hunny.

I would look into these domestic violence for teens. I was in one and stayed in one for 14 years. And in all honesty I wish my mom had been firmer. At this point it is what it is but I’ll be damned if I let my children go through it!

She may be your daughter in law one day, remember that. If you want your son in your life you need to support him and his decisions. No one tells us it only gets harder when they grow up.

The best thing you can do as a parent is listen & guide. Check in and talk to him about life, not just her. Don’t talk bad about her or he’ll resent you. Kindly guide him to trust his gut, be honest and brave. Then be there for him if she breaks his heart.

Yep listen to these lady’s saying butt out!! You’ll be a grandma next year :joy::joy:


I have 5 boys
Its so hard but if you don’t like her and she’s doing wrong tell him if you have Proof show both if you don’t speak he’ll never know belive me there some crazy girls out there his never going to be happy we need to show are boys right from wrong because this world is crazy we need to keep crazy out and show are kids the right way

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You can give your opinion and how u feel BUT he has to live and learn and u know being young ya parents say no that means yes :woman_shrugging:t4: talk to him for sure but pray bout it

Things these days get crazy. She could become violent.

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How old are these young people? Why you all in children business? Mommy can’t always save him

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If you know she is for sure doing these things, it is your job to protect the mental and emotional well being of your son. Forget the parents saying ‘leave him alone, let him learn’. It is one thing to hover and be overprotective, but another to be concerned as to why this young girl is being so manipulative and mean. She is sabotaging relationships with friends and need to have her attitude corrected. I grew up with girls like her who used and abused my friends and even family members. Guys have feelings too and you need to say something to her parents and then her if needed.

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My 3 boys are in their early 20’s now. So I understand where you’re coming from. I feel for you, I really do… but you can’t get that involved. The expression “you can’t put an old head on young shoulders” comes to mind. You’ve told him what you think about the situation and what you’ve witnessed… Now leave it alone!!
If you don’t you will push him away for sure. You need to back off.
Make sure he knows he can come to you to discuss anything he needs too calmly and without judgement.
Other than that… just be ready to catch him when he falls. Good luck x

Be is mom. Support him. If he asks for your opinion; give him the benefit/negative of both sides. Don’t meddle. Please don’t meddle.


Monitoring your teens cellphone is for the purpose of preventing Internet stalkers and paedophiles. And off course inappropriate Internet content. Clearly this gf falls withing the category of “stalker”.
If this were my teen then i would educate him as to what is stalker behaviour, emotional and mental abuse and thereafter he would have to decide for himself. Monitoring his cellphone should not be a means to be privy ti his private conversation with his gf- as tempting as that is. Thats not the purpose of monitoring- you are invading his privacy. As a mother, yes we want to protect our kids but this kid is a teen-. As parents we should be there to inform and guide. Its their time to test the relationship waters, to paddle, to swim- you can only throw in a float but you cannot jump in and pull him out! Teens are learning so that they will be better able to handle adult relationships. A parent should offer love, a safe home, a shoulder to cry on IF needed, advice IF wanted and most importantly you should allow your teen to handle situations on thier own. If they don’t and you are always handling them for him- he will be that guy who needs his mom meddling in his relationship even when he is an adult. All you can do here is observe and only advise when he asks you to. Yes you want to spare him the drama n heartache but that in it itself is CONTROL- exactly what his gf is doing. Back off mama. Let him learn through experience so that he can realise what a toxic relationship is as it will be his vaccination to it in adulthood. I look at it as a moms job is not to protect but rather to teach our kids to get up after a fall and get back on that swing. We can tend to that graze. But thats all. Our kids must take from that lesson how to prevent a repeat fall themselves. Freedom with a safety net- not a gilded cage!!!

Take your husbands advice, your boy isn’t going to thank you for interfering, all you can do is be there to pick up the pieces when and if he comes to you.


You cannot control or manage who your son dates. The fact the she can track him is the only thing that concerns me, leave it be my tinfoil hate, but how does she have that access? Basically from a boy mom, just be there for him, instill fear manners towards a female because he is going to do what he wants. Get over trying to control him.

If anything you sound like a very controlling mother!! Leave him alone to deal with girls and checking his phone omg !! If anything you’ll end up pushing him away!!
Also it’s ok to check up on her when they’ve broken up finding out why a car is outside her house? But she can’t check and ask the same when he’s taking his “friend” for dinner🥴
Never read something so silly in my life

I think that you want your son to be a mummy’s boy leave him alone let him go and make his own mistakes and have a bit of fun on the way i think that he’s winding you up your making him out to be stupid LET HIM GO MUMMY.


Could you council moi, Madam Coleman??? 50 words or less please!!

Get informed about borderline personality disorders, narcissism, bipolar disorders etc…because this girl has mental illness and it does not go away. She will make him miserable for the rest of his life if he doesn’t get away from her. She also will be a horrible mother. I say this as an adolescent and adult psych nurse.