How can I teach my daughter that I need space?

That’s it! I want my body to myself. My daughter is going to be 4 in two days, and I feel like I’m just done being touched. I’m a good mother, but I am done being furniture, jungle gym, etc. but how am I supposed to get her out of my face? I chose a good boyfriend who plays very well with her; she will get playtime to the rough house still daily. I wanna be done with it being assumed that it’s ok to climb on me. I feel like my boyfriend thinks that I don’t want to play with my own daughter, but it’s just that I can’t handle all the touching and movement and noise and elbows and knees. I’ve decided it’s simply not too much to ask a child to learn that not everyone is ok with that sort of interaction.


Soumds like your boyfriend has more sense than you she is your child she will never be out of your face welcome to Parenthood


that is just awful. you’re her mom. you’re supposed to put up with being the jungle gym and a play/safe place for your kid. if you didn’t want that, you shouldn’t of had sex.


O Lord everyone is gonna jump on you for this one…
If you’ve never taken roundhouse to the jaw… Leave her alone
If youve never had a kid mash your toes constantly with their little monkey paws, while they try to climb up your body and in the process they flop your left boob out, because the strap to your tank top is the perfect size to fit in their little monkey hand, so they latch on and yank your whole shirt down… Leave her alone… If you’ve never had bruises on your stomach because your kid likes to jump up and down on it because its “squishy”… Leave her the hell alone! We all think this… She just had the balls to ask it publicly!

Don’t have kids if you can’t handle being a mother. The whole package, not just what you want to pick and choose.


if you don’t like it should have stopped it at 2

Ooo I dunno what that’s like…I beg my kids to play with me sometimes. Sometimes they come to me and their dad for games but they sorta like their own space.

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Haha mine are 10 and 9 I’m still a jungle gym lol my 9 yr old daughter will legit still come jump on me bc she needs a hug or sit in my lap to watch TV my 10 yr still comes to snuggle in the bed sometimes in the morning. Your a mom! Trust me 1 day when you can’t have that special time with them anymore you will regret your decision to say no. I cherish every elbow and knee in my stomach or back

That is called bonding why did you have a child she depends on you for everything


Well you’re a mother so it IS assumed that you’re ok with that kind of stuff. You should’ve set those boundaries a long time ago.


Sounds like you are overwhelmed. It’s ok to be. Just teach boundaries to her and let her know when she hurts you and say phrases like, “no thank you” along with an explanation. Took me a while to teach my youngest to stop trying to climb on all of us.

I love all the people judging this mom :roll_eyes:. She’s not saying she doesn’t want to cuddle or snuggle or love on her child she’s simply stating she doesn’t want to be a jungle gym or chair 24/7. As a mother myself whose kids can never sit still when they are all over you and on top of you it’s sensory overload at times and I don’t see anything wrong with wanting some personal space. Just teach her boundaries and tell her momma just needs a moment. You’re allowed to reclaim your body without others trying to guilt you or telling you you’re a bad mom. :roll_eyes:


It’s ok to feel that way. I was the same way with my kids when they turned 3 yrs old an it took persistence an a lot of no dont climb on me I dont want you on my lap. Gave a hug an set them back on the floor eventually they got the idea an would only come up to me for a hug or snuggles when they were sick.

I can feel u. My daughter is also 4 and i am feeling the same thing these days. Hell annoyed

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I wouldnt stop it completely as she will think you dont love her but teach her that there are boundaries and to ask, all my kids know that when i ask not to be touched then they need to back off and give me space, but we still cuddle and play and all the fun stuff they love

Kids need to learn about personal space, it is an important part of life. That being said, you child still needs a ton of interaction and contact with Mom. Redirect her energy when you want some space, remind her of your personal bubble… But also welcome hugs and cuddles often!!


Wow! Maybe dont ever reproduce again…


People are hilarious in this post. She said she doesnt want to be jungle gymed. Not “I cant stand my child and I dont want to lover her anymore.” Yall crazy. Anyways just tell her it hurts you and shes getting too big to climb all over mom. Let her know you love snuggles and loves but dont want to rough house anymore.


Tbh it sounds like you don’t like being a mother. You’re her safe place. Kids are very touchy. This is sad.


You gave away your right to personal space when you became a mom lmao she’s a toddler and you’re still her safe place.