How can I teach my daughter to wipe correctly?

Show her on her. (Wipe her bottom once). Also explain to her what could happen. My 8 yr old gets infections from taking a bath and can only shower. So I know the pain of your child having an infection. She may need to experience it in order to understand the consequences. It may be something to learn the hard way


Could be sensory or fear of getting itnon her hands. Have her use baby wipes. Explain the harder she wipes the more will come off (my daughter always wiped to soft and would use a whole freakin role of tp) and also remind her she can wash her hands afterwords so not to be afraid of messes


My little had this issue too, she is getting better, she didn’t like to look at the paper after it was “too gross to look at the paper” I reminded her that literally everyone poops, and if she doesn’t look how does she know she got it all? Took about a week of having that exact convo every day before she even tried to do it herself


I would continue to guide her. Maybe do the first wipe and supervise. Or go over proper wiping before she starts and supervise. The only issue with flushable wipes is they are not always good for septic tanks, if you have one.

If she doesnt like the feeling. Try like a squirt bottle of water may help. My son didnt like the feel when he was younger we did this for awhile now he alot better

I have a 6 year old son that will be 7 in November. We’ve taught him to hop in the shower after wiping or we’ve had him use baby wipes (we have a little in diapers and one on the way) and have had him use those to wipe with and then throw away. Toilet wipes are an option but most plumbers will tell you not to flush them anyway, so we find wipes to be cheaper. There is a YouTube video of a teacher showing her class in an Asian country to wipe using two balloons taped to the back of a chair that might be helpful.


It’s a lot of routine and repetition. I teach 2 yr olds and potty train. It is just a routine they need to be shown time and time again

My daughter is the same she is 7 she will be 8 in December and she want wipe unless I go in bathroom with her and make her which I can’t always do and I have tired to tell her she wipe or she may get an infection but she don’t seem to care

My son is 11 and I still can’t get him to do it right :unamused: We have wipes and different TP but it does no good. It’s either up his back, on his taint/balls, or streaked up his undies.

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Show her and practice with her till she gets it right. Practice makes perfect.

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I used to let my daughter wipe, and then I would wipe her to show what she missed. It’s all about training. It’s completely normal.


I had my daughters doctor explain how important it is to wipe properly and show her how. She wouldn’t listen to me, but listened to her!:laughing:

Omg same here, I thought I was the only one. My daughter doesnt want to touch it, and I’ve shown her so many times

This makes me giggle… I’ve struggled with my nine year old son and it is nice to see I am not alone in this

My son is 16 and still doesn’t wipe good… I’ve told him he has to wipe more than once. Even if he has to wipe 5-10 times to make sure his butt is clean but his underwear is always streaked and it’s gross…

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My kids say they “forget” to wipe. I just have them take a shower and wash after they poo now


Flushable baby wipes my 6 year old son use and those there much easier and moist practice makes perfect she will do better give her time.

My 11 year old washes after he goes. my 6 year old uses baby wipes, a lot easier than tissue and way less messy than water lol


My four year old daughter uses pink gloves. Like the latex ones. She doesnt like to get anything on her hands.

Tell her she needs to use baby wipes after she poops, and to keep wiping until th there is no more poop on the wipes. 2-3 wipes should b enough.