How can I teach my son not to be a bully?

I recently moved in with some friends who have a nonverbal three-year-old boy, and my boy is three years old. How should I handle my son bullying their son? It’s really difficult… my son will hurt him ie, pull his hair hit kick and annoy him(nonverbal boy) until he’s crying and not tell the truth about what happened until I threaten a spanking. we’re not moving, and he needs to learn how to interact with people who aren’t the same as him, and I’m honestly getting scared.


Bully him back. Pull his hair. Push him back, teach him that it hurts him and he won’t do it.
Then put him in time out. Or however you discipline.


Easy keep him away from the kid if all hes gonna do is hit and kick

Dont leave them alone … set an example by playing with the other boy and also including your son with alot of positive talk about how nice it is to play together and be kind “hands are for helping not hurting”


He needs either a spanking, a time put or his favorite toy take away.


Stop threatening punishment and actually follow through with it. Whether it’s a spanking or time out or toys taken away.


So if he hits and kicks, he’s then threatened with being hit? I’m not anti smacking, but even I can see the flaws in that. Maybe he thinks that’s how older children treat younger (possibly see’s him as younger as he’s none verbal)
They need to be supervised at all times so you can see how and why things are getting to the point they are.


Stop spanking him and use more positive reinforcement. Hitting him to teach him not to hit makes zero sense


If that was my nonverbal child I wouldn’t have another child around who’s bullying him.


Stop threatening spank him also put cameras up make sure he is punished anytime he hurts the other yea I agree when a kid bites only way to stop it is bite him


This sounds like he’s communicating the only way he knows how…violently. Show him the proper way of communicating with him.


Honestly let them play and keep removing him and put him in time out eventually he will get the message. Also don’t be so quick to assume your kiddo is always the issue. My middle son was non verbal for a very long time…he was a sneaky little shit who caused a lot of issues like that. I finally put a camera in their room and in our living room.

Reward the good things he does no matter how small. Do your best at ignoring mild behaviors…He will repeat what is acknowledged (even bad things of he gets attention). For the worst behaviors separate him from other child. Have him restore environment when he returns, apologize, clean up etc.
Good luck momma! I’ve got a bully too. It is challenging but you’ve got this!


Your sons probably upset he can’t understand or comprehend that the other little boy can’t communicate verbally.


Teach him no violence reward good behaviour with lots of praise i never needed to hit or slap my children talking or taking away their toys worked


tell him hands are for helping and hugging not hurting and hitting, something I drilled into my daughters who are the most sweetest when it comes to their baby sister who is severe autistic and non verbal


I have a son on the spectrum, although he is higher spectrum and is verbal, he doesn’t quite understand that kids are different and communicate differently. He also gets very anxious when kids are loud or crying and when he was younger he would hit whoever was screaming but I tell my kids that we need to be nice and not be scared because some of our friends don’t know how to use their words yet so they may try to talk or communicate in other ways such as crying or screaming but they can still learn from us and we need to talk to them and interact with them.

Sounds like you’re gonna get kicked out, if I allowed someone to live with me and their kid was abusing my kid, I’d toss both your butts5o out. Keep him away for the other poor kid.

OMG some of these answers 🤦 they are both 3 ffs!
Supervise them when they are playing sit down and play with them teach your child appropriate play and praise when he does ! Yes you need to stamp out the negative behavior but you also need to model positive behavior. If all he is hearing is no you can’t do that or not that’s not nice he will keep trying until he finds an alternative , why not show him the alternative and what he should be doing it will save alot of unnecessary punishment


Does the non verbal child’s parents know this is happening to their child? I’d kick y’all asses out if your kid was tormenting mine.