How can I teach my son to drink from a cup?

Have a 16-month-old (just turned 16 months yesterday), and he just learned to drink from a straw sippy cup, it’s not his favorite but he will do it. I’m the worse at transitions like I literally just took the bottle from him 3 days ago. I know, I know! But my question is one how do I help him learn to turn up the regular sippy cups to drink out of them? He brings them to me to hold for him. He can do it minus the turning it up. Like if he is laying in my arms, he can do it but not while standing if that makes sense. Also when did yall introduce the open cup? No mom-shaming I’m pretty sure I’m not setting him up for failure by being late to learn drinking out of a cup properly. Thanks


He’ll learn just give him time

Mine started with a normal cup at 9 months and just copied Mummy. Just put in a little bit at first.

no need to hurry your baby to grow up–they all learn in time.

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Use the 360 cup! And he will learn just keep at it.


Many many kids take time To get used to cups. They don’t understand yet that the liquid inside shifts.
Also many go through many styles of cups before it clicks.
Just constant reminders and showing during meal times.
And there is also nothing wrong about the ages he has had a bottle. Or how long he takes to use a cup. All kids learn at their own pace.

360 cup is the best!!! Maybe make it fun? Sometimes my daughter and I clink our cups and say “cheers” and we both take a big sip and go “ah”.

I didn’t give my daughter an open cup until she was 2.5

Since he’s already 16 months try the 360 cups and hold his arms for him ( behind the elbows) and every now and the move your hands away. If he drops his arms remind him he has to hold them up. Then pull his hands back up

It’s only been 3 days. It takes time. You got this. I agree with an above comment the 360 cups are awesome. Other than that if my littles brought me their cup to help I actually helped them hold it and move it to their mouth using their arms and hands. It was frustrating of course but they eventually get it.

Use cups with straws. I EBF my first so she never had bottles or sippy cups. She went straight to straw cups.
It’s easier in my opinion and then you won’t have to worry about him having to tilt it back!

My son was EBF so no bottles but he started to use a straw sippy cup around 10 months, and then started using an open cup (without making a total mess) around 15 months. I started by offering him some from my cup and didn’t have any issues with him starting!

Teach him to drink water from a regular cup when he’s in the bath. He will learn the tipping motion, and get an idea about how fast it can come, without making a mess.


Use sippy cup handles for now, that will help him tilt. Then use the 360 cup. My 20 month old still uses the 360 cup.

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I taught all of my kids by drinking from the cup myself. Once they saw me do it, they figured it out.

My son turned 2 in October and still makes messes with open cups. We do hard lid sippy cups during the day and then give just enough liquid to cover the bottom of an open cup at meal times

He will get it just give him time. When he brings it to you to do for him tell him no he is a big boy and can do it himself. Have him sit down to drink from it if u need to.

We never did the 360 cups but instead used an open kid cup with handles or the disposable Dixie bathroom cups with small amounts of water at mealtime.

My son was the same, drove me crazy so I just gave him a plastic or paper cup with a tiny bit of milk/juice in and try help him figure it out, with my daughter I’ve encountered her to drink from a cup since about 4 months old she now 2 and has always loved them the sooner they the learn the easier they adapt I think :blush:

Keep practicing! He will get it. Tell him to “tip it up” and show him.