How can I teach my toddler about stranger danger?

I’ve tried talking to him about it, but he’s such a social bird he loves talking to new people, saying hi and what not and it really makes me uneasy. He loves books and really catches on that way - so I want to try a new approach… so if any of you mamas know of any good books for a three year old to teach about strangers … please send them my way!


My daughter was the same at that age. She even once tried to hug a complete stranger because he had a Sonic shirt on and she loves Sonic :joy: I don’t have any book ideas, but she isn’t quite as bad now at 5 if that’s any reassurance for you.

John Walsh from America’s most wanted did a great video i used in my 1st grade class for 6 years. Its called the safe side stranger safety and is on youtube.


I say watch an educational program with him. If he sees how dangerous it can be maybe he’ll be a bit more cautious.

I told my children we can smile and say hello to be polite. But we do not tell strangers about us. They are 7 and 4 now though.

Make a book for him <3 create a senario and have a plot… we have 1 rule my son doesnt understand stranger danger so if a stranger stares at him he is too scream mommy smiling etc only thing that works

My girl is the same way, for the most part kids have an uncanny ability to recognize when someone might be untrustworthy. I wouldn’t try to stop him from being a social butterfly, but definitely keep him within arms reach.

Ok so I might get people mad at me but my 3 year old did that and I finally had to have one of my friends that he DID NOT KNOW grab him at Walmart and walk away with him. She told him that he would never see me again and the he was very bad for going with a stranger and that she was goin to be his NEW mom. He has never done it again and he is 7


Bernstein bears has a good book on stranger danger I’m not sure what it’s called tho

Stranger danger is a serious thing…and should be discussed. Family passwords should be instilled at a very early age. Unfortunately, the truth is, if someone is determined to get your kid, they don’t have to go willingly. IMHO, stranger danger is a small percentage of the problem, though.

The FBI has since admitted that their “Stranger Danger” stance was detrimental because, they had kids thinking predators were “strangers” in trench coats hiding behind trees…
the true danger, 98% of the time, comes more from ppl they KNOW. Probably ppl you trust…uncle’s, friends of the family, unfortunately, even grandfathers…
Focus more on talking to them about bad touching. Telling you about it no matter who it is.
Do not force your kids to hug or kiss ppl they don’t want to …


I don’t know if Bernstain Bears would be too advanced but there’s one on stranger danger that I remember reading as a kid. The Berenstain Bears learn about strangers.

Teach about tricky people. Someone’s not a stranger once they introduce themselves. Especially nowadays since kids have names on backpacks and such

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Someone else mentioned the Berenstain Bears book, it’s called The Berenstain Bears Learn About Strangers. I recommend that book to teach small children about stranger danger. There’s also other books for stranger danger on Amazon. Or if you have a local library, you can see if they have any children’s books on the subject.

Check your local library, I’m sure they could show you a few books that they have .

Teach him about stranger danger but more about inappropriate touching, no secrets from mom and dad, etc. He is more at risk from family and friends than he is a stranger. Also, who is a stranger? That can get very complicated.

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I love this approach. Strangers can be dangerous but its more often people that we know and least suspect. NCMEC also have great tips on their website.

My 4 year old loves pantosaurus song!
Can get an activity pack from NSPCC!

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Try telling him. Mommy an Daddy dnt kno him so he isn’t safe to tlk to our Granddaughter is the same way

I think it’s not exactly “stranger danger” as it may just be a stranger that helps in situations… Like another parent at a park, a shop assistant etc. It’s more teaching your children to be aware & what to do in certain situations… Like calling you before going with someone… Even if the child knows them… Going into a store to ask to call you if they are walking home & feel unsafe etc. And general talks about trusting all people isn’t exactly safe, the situations some people might put you in & how to be safer etc.

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