How can I tell if I am further along?

How do you tell if you’re further along than what you think you are? I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant, and with how big my baby is, I’m thinking around 25.


When I got pregnant my last cycle was November I counted back 3 months from the day that I started and that was the due date or you can count forward from your last cycle 40 weeks and it will give you about the same day give or take maybe two weeks

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Ultrasound will tell you for sure how far along you are me and baby are measuring a week and a half ahead of due date but they wont change your due date unless there is a 2 week measuring difference

Ultrasounds are accurate, I thought I was further ahead my whole pregnancy bc she measured 3 weeks ahead the whole time…nope she’s just a big baby

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If you are 22 weeks you are 22 weeks

Only an ultrasound can accurately tell you gestational age.

I get it…but just wishful thinking

An ultrasound would tell u how far along u r have inhad one?? Call your dr talk to him

There is no definite way to tell how big baby is. Mine was over guessed


Due dates aren’t exact. However if you’re measuring more than a week one way or another they should move your due date. If your midwife/ob doesn’t think baby is big enough to move your due date then I wouldn’t worry about it. Having a bigger baby doesn’t necessarily mean you’re further along than they said you are. Your ultrasound at 20 weeks should have also been able to confirm gestation.


I dont think you can be 100% accurate on babys size mt dr swore both my kids were bigger and they came out atpeast a lb smaller and a little shorter than what ultrasound showed

Everyone measures ahead by 2 weeks the further along you get because the baby starts eating more and grow bigger the last 15weeks of pregnancy

Make sure you get your gestational diabetes glucose test! Big baby is a big sign.

Not necessarily meaning you’re further along. My daughter was always measuring 3-4 weeks further and I had her 2 days after my due date. She was just a big baby (almost 11lbs)

You can’t base it on size of baby - my mum with me is a prime example.

I was born in Holland where they based due dates on size, but their average baby size at the time was around 7lbs. I was 9lbs10 - so their expected due date for me was 3 weeks too early. Even when they induced mum, I wasn’t ready (so she tells me).

Some babies are big, doesn’t mean your further along

Look at head measurement. Unless you have a large head it’s pretty accurate. As is measuring fundus height at that stage…that was totally accurate for me until about 32 weeks.

My sons 1st due date was may 26th they ended up switching it to July 1st he was born May 24th weighing 5 ib 10 oz and 17.5 inches still labeled as a preemie (My first was 6 in 1 oz 22 inches whose dad was tall. I have small babies. My syblings are over 6’1" tall, but I am 5’8".) nothing you can do will fix your due date really its a biased/educated guess my son had an anotomy ultrasound about 20 weeks because he was short they couldnt change the date back and I was on bc so couldnt go off of a period all I can say is ask for an anotomy ultrasound at ur local childrens hospital tell them sum is off u feel the date is wrong bone length n development seems to give the final comfirmation

I measured ahead with my last 2. My youngest was 10lb5 oz. 23 inches long with a 15 1/2 head. We did elect to induce at 40 weeks 6 days. His delivery was easier than my 8 lber

Could just be a big baby

They estimated me 3 weeks ahead based on babies size on the ultrasound and they said she was going to be 10 pounds but she was only 6 so… there is that.