How can I tell if I have a wire/bug in my apartment?

Hi! Does anyone know how to tell if you have a wire/bug set up in your apartment? Long story short; I had a friend (at the time) stay at my place, and now I’m hearing from mutual friends about private convos I’ve only had w/those friends.


Maybe that friend is telling the mutual friends?


Hopefully your friends are keeping it private… isn’t there some sort of beeper thing you can get to see? Or just look everywhere. If I thought my house was bugged I’d be tearing it apart :anguished:


Say something untrue/crazy but believable and see if it gets back to you. Also some tech stores have devices that detect wires.


Go back and remember what room you had those conversations in and take a peak about…today it’s so easy to use your cell and no one notices. Someone did that to me and I’m still looking around not convo but cammed us without my knowledge makes a person uneasy


Who would be bugging your apartment? Most likely it’s your friends telling mutual friends about your convos. Somebody has to be on the other end of that bug to hear your conversations.


Literally any device in your house with a microphone can be hacked

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You can buy standard things that have hidden camera’s I bought a regular looking hook that is a camera because I have a very foul neighbor

Honestly it sounds like your friend is speaking with mutual friends. They may deny it but its more plausible than a bug in your home.
However if its not mutual friends knowing (like someone your friend that you spoke to doesn’t even know) then maybe speak to the police.


They are telling people about what u talked about.

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Sounds like someone running their mouth, not some technical devices set up in your apartment or house.

But if your that worried about a bug then you can the police, tell them you believe your being illegally monitored in your home, and go from there with the report.

Id go with shady friends first.


Yeah, never tell secrets to a friend because you never know where their loyalty really lies

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Somebody’s talking.
But, to feel better, Best Buy has the gadgets to check your apartment.

Why assume it’s a bug? Lol… maybe said friend has a big mouth and just told others your conversations. Trash that friend real quick :ok_hand:


Maybe they are telling others also I had an ex who hid a web camera up remember finding it and asked why it was hooked up in living room come to find out he did it while he was at work to make sure I wasn’t cheating which I wasn’t I felt so violated knowing he was literally watching my every move

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Lol your friends are probably just talking about you. Need some new friends

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Obviously friends are repeating what you’re saying to them. :roll_eyes:

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your friends are talking about your conversations with other people obviously. there’s basically no chance your apartment is bugged


Wiretapping :rofl:That’s federal shit. Doubtful

Most likely it’s people running their mouths. Unless you’re into shady shit drugs, trafficking people etc the average person isn’t going to be spied on. Try dropping some false information and see who spreads it