How can I tell if my child is allerigic to cats?

Is anyone kid here allergic to cats? How did you find out? My 5-month-old had RSV & it’s been over a month… Still wheezing, sneezing, red/swollen cheeks, still congested. His pediatrician said the RSV should’ve run it’s a course by now & he shouldn’t be this irritated still… I told her about my cats & she thinks it’s the cats. Which if I have to re-home them to help him, I will, without a doubt, I’m just curious if anyone here has had a child this young show early signs of being allergic to cats/animals?


Give them allergy meds. If it helps it’s the cat

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You can have the child tested. :expressionless:

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I went to an allergist and had testing. Allergic to dogs but not cats. They do the skin prick

Go to an allergy doctor & get a allergy test done.

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I’m allergic to cats and your symptoms can be mild to severe but include itchy water eyes, congestion, runny nose, inability to breathe

Allergy meds can help but for me they never really corrected the issue, or eased symptoms.

He’s too young for skin testing but they can draw blood and do a RAST panel.

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We found out when my kid put his face all over a cat :joy:

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See an allergist/immunologist

allergy test that’s how I found out that my youngest was , continue allergy meds.

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Allergy testing on babies is not pleasant. Test things out at home first. Try getting an air purifier. Try separating your cat from your baby for a while and see if things improve. He could possibly just have a cold. I thought my baby was allergic but i separated my cats from him and things didnt improve for a while. When he finally cleared up completely i allowed the cats in his space again and he had no reaction.

I was not allergic to anything until I picked up a cat and gave it a big cuddle one day and got a huge rash all over my body. Now I get hey fever every year and allergic to cats and long haired animals. Take child to do a patch test by a doctor and you will know if it’s the cats or not.

My little boy did the exact thing when he was a baby I got rid of the cat and he cleared up he is 7 yrs old and still is allergic to cats

Is your baby better when you leave the house ? Of course cats have to sleep on everything, so all the babies clothes ,blankets ,bedding. Some kids are allergic to long hair but not short . Your Dr. Can test , but if you can take her away from cats for a day or two may be telling.good luck.

Yup, its the cats!! I was the same way and still am. I can be around cats, but if I live with them no matter how clean the cat is, I get so sick it leads to Pneumonia and hospitalization. It started when I was 7/8 months old my mom said, and it was the people living with us at the time with the cat. I was sick for 2 months. The cats and roommates went, 2 weeks later and after a good scrub of the house I eventually got better. Fast forward to age 10, we got a cat to try again because my mom told me what happened when we i was a infant. We didnt get an allergy test done(small town, NL) so we tried again, 6 months later I had Pneumonia and we had to get rid of the cat!

You can have bloods and/or skin prick testing done. Both are not very accurate before the age of one as their immune systems are not fully developed.
You can give antihistamines and see if that helps.
Is bub on any solids? All those symptoms can be from a food intolerance/allergy - just something else to consider.

I am and so is my oldest son per allergy testing

I would start by restricting the cats to a part of the house the baby doesnt go frequently. Deeply clean the floor, dust everything, vacuum off furniture. Wipe down and wash everything baby touches. See if it improves the next few days. I’ve been told allergy tests on children this small arent always accurate. The baby is too small for the prick test. You may need to start trying your cats groomed to remove a lot of the dandruff. There are many solutions to co-living even if allergic unless it’s a deadly allergy. I would also recommend a good rated air purifier. That will help tremendously.


It’s not likely if he’s been around them since birth.

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My grandaughter just walks in my house and is only here 5 minutes until her eyes are watering ,she cannot stop sneezing !