How can I tell if my son has autism or is just mimicking a child with autism?

Parents raising children with autism who have younger siblings i need advice. I have a 7month old son and live with someone who has an autistic child. They have been around each other for about 6 months now and play together. My son has started exhibiting signs that concern me, intense rocking, hand clapping, blank staring, and not responding to his name. What are the chances my son is just mimicking their son? Is this something should be concerned about or am I just overthinking it?


I have 3 children. 2 with autism… our daughter who doesnt have autism was mimicking our son with autism but the way her teachers and myself were able to decipher it was with her behaviors, ect. She would flap, basically exhibiting stimming behavior but none of the social signs, non responsive, lack of eye contact ect. What she was exhibiting was learned behavior. She was also evaluated and she is perfectly fine… just picking up some stimming behavior from her brother. Since your son is not responding to his name and also goes into blank stares I would certainly keep an eye on it make a trip to your pediatrician as those could be signs of autism.

Sounds more like you need to take him in and have someone look at him. My oldest displayed signs right at 8 months old. His younger brother never copied him but has started showing his own signs. This type of stuff is usually best asked with a doctor not a bunch of people online, as you will get snowballed with negative crap. And even us mother’s of autism are not doctors ourselves we do not have the means to make a diagnosis and it will leave you frustrated beyond all words. Seeks professional advice not social media advice.

7 months is way to early to worry. You cant even begin to diagnose until at least 2 years old and even then its early. They said my son had aspergers at age 2 and by age 5 they made a mistake he was totally fine not even on the spectrum

Autism in some cases, is hard to detect at an early age. Keep a diary of repeated actions & how often it happens. It helps a doctor with proper diagnosis.

Umm usually they won’t diagnose a child with autism till after they turn five. He’s a baby being a baby hun.

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It’s hard to tell when your son is just 7months. All I can say is my nephew only developed those sign later on, but me and mum already felt he is abit different at 1month+, he already having fits, tantrum in smallest inconvenience. He very slow to react, and somehow doesn’t response at all when we ‘babytalk’ to him, it’s like he didn’t hear us all. He was diagnosed before 1year old. Now my 2nd younger nephew mimic him, because he think by meltdowns he can get whatever wants, which he got away with it all the time.

My oldest is autistic. He wasn’t hitting milestones. Unless you speak with a professional, you won’t know for sure. I had my son diagnosed before five through a program here in Montana that specialize in these cases. I have three children younger then him and I’ve had them tested and each child has a different disability. Regardless of my oldest being autistic. Now, their is a big chance that your child could be mimicking. But, keeping log, talking with your doctor, watching milestones and getting your child tested to see where his mind is sitting at. It never hurts to find out. And don’t worry to much because even if your child turned out to be autistic, they’re no different then any other child but learn differently. And they are such a blessing.

My nephew is very autistic. Many issues.
His little brother copied him for a long time, however while he still copies some behaviors.
It’s very different for him to be mimicking his brother than to have an actual issue.
A fit for his brother can last hours
And for him it’s normal and resolved quickly.

I wouldn’t worry too much.
As they get older they will learn the difference

Babies rock and babies dont always respond and they do actions like clapping or making sounds repetitively when they are new or they are learning how all parts of their bodies work and YES babies mimic behavior and sounds and actions and words etc , that is how they learn so many things . Your baby is just being a baby , try to relax more and and enjoy your wonderful baby time :heart:

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He’s 7 months old, that’s all pretty normal at that age


Hes 7 months…


Sounds normal for that age. Start a journal

I would consult his Dr.

Very likely he’s copying the other child. Symptoms usually dont show for a few more months. But He’s reaching his milestones, making eye contact, touch, more than likely he’s not


If you are worried you need to speak to his pediatrician.


Give it a year or two.

It could be learned behavior, children don’t normally exhibit the signs of autism until they are closer to the age of 2. If you are truly concerned, contact your pediatrician. Best wishes to you!

Autism is a diagnosis that I feel like is way over diagnosed. It’s not a disease and you can’t catch it by being around someone that has it. Leave him alone and let him be a baby.


You couldn’t really tell at 7months cause all babies do that sorta thing