How can I tell my boyfriend that he makes me feel unattractive?

Whoa - she doesn’t need to be screened for ppd for having valid feelings about her spouse not paying her any attention.

Sweetie, have a conversation or several with him on your boundaries and about how he’s making you feel excluded and how you don’t feel like you’re being shown any affection.

Do not stay in a relationship where you aren’t even looked at anymore. You. Deserve. Better.


Go get couples professional counseling.
Why would you trust all us strangers with such important issues?
Good luck

Have you talked to him about him maybe having some feelings of loneliness since the babies been born? NICU babies are HARD, I could barely able to think while my daughter was in NICU, I know I’d have had the hardest time sustaining a relationship during that. Then if she is still have problems a year later you’ve probably gone into mommy mode and he might feel left out. Men have feelings too. The baby needs you and is number 1 but maybe talk to him and see if you can go on a date just the two of you to rekindle things. I’m not saying you’re doing it, but it’s easy to fall into and forget to deal with the other things in your life especially under the circumstances.

Well he is cheating if he’s doing that get rid of him thats horrible and will never change

I believe that porn is cheating. It is a substitute for the real thing. It leads to secrecy, lying, etc.
I personally would give him a warning, and then the boot. If he has no interest in change ( it is an addiction) and he prefers this type of stimulation then move on. He doesn’t care about your feelings or your happiness.
Experience with this brought me to my knees, I put up with it for far too long.


Some men have a problem after a baby comes seeing their partner as a romantic partner now and not as a mother. You need to find talk to him. And porn is not cheating. You say you are having less sex, not no sex. You are putting it all on him, but I suspect you are not being as sexy as he might like either. Without you two talking, you won’t know what the source of your issue is.


Starting eating healthy. Exercise couple times a week since you have issues with the way you look. I try to do 20 mins a every other day. Do something you like to do. I read at least an hour a day, I play games on my phone. Find something you like to do outside of being a mom.

Talk to him. Tell him exactly how you feel. Nothing will change if he doesn’t know how you feel. Work on yourself for yourself. Do things you love and make you feel good. If talking to him doesn’t do any good maybe it’s time to leave. You deserve to be happy and feel loved.

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Just because he is looking at points doesn’t mean he is addicted to it smh

You gotta express how you feel to men they are about as dumb as a bag of rocks. I had to do the same thing and sometimes people just settle into things and it feels nothing like it did. That’s the whole part of falling back in love again. Not easy but you guys need a few date nights to relax!

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sounds like you might be in need of a date night just the two of you. Babies change relationships and sex suffers. I would recommend you try to reconnect with each other. Have a conversation without distractions and let him know that you are self-conscious of your post-baby body. He (if he is a man and not a boy) should understand that your body is incredible for what you have been through and created.

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Grow balls talk to him dont like your answers kick him out job done

So you definitely need to talk to him, sweetheart you can not sit & cry around that baby girl all the time. She runs off her mommies energy think about you & her for a min. Your two’s health is 100 percent more important then him & his Simi cheating ways. Unfortunately if he don’t have enough respect for you to not be jacking off to woman on the internet then hunny you & your lovely gift from God need to exit stage left & be blessed :pray: without him.

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You really need to talk to him. I felt the same and mine understood completely. He tries his best to make me feel confident and I’m trying too but him not paying attention to other girls on the internet definitely helps

Porn is not cheating. But have you even tried having sex with him more? Sounds like you are the one pulling further and further away and he’s using porn because of that.


I get it. I had a preemie second time around and the guilt that comes with that kills yourself image. But you need to be you. He fell in love with a sexy young carefree lady that was beautiful and confident. He feels you pulling away and not being yourself, he probably doesn’t know how to even start helping. Talk to him tell him how you feel. Find a hobby for an hour a day. And let go of your guilt. Its not your fault things ended early. But baby is here and alive and that is a gift. And happiness in itself. Work to fix and communicate in your relationship and be confident with yourself

Love yourself first and accept yourself as you are. Believe that you are enough and for your baby, you are rhe world. If your guy has porn addiction, it doesnt mean he doesnt love you, it means he doesnt love himself.


I find nothing wrong with porn as longs as you are ok with it. My husband watches it, but it’s usually when I’m not in the mood or I’m not home. He also compliments me all the time. I’ve gained a lot of weight since having my 3 girls and he is always telling me how beautiful I am, how sexy I am, touching me as he walks by etc. My advice would be talk to him. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. If I ever feel insecure, and I do at times, I tell him how I’m feeling and what I need from him and vice versa. We adjust to each other’s needs.


Know your self worth and walk away. It is ur life and you are wasting it being unhappy. Why are you with him? Please don’t say cuz u love him, cuz u gotta love urself first

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It seems like you are unhappy by how much the activity has dropped and he seems to he chosing porn over it. If it was because he needed its then I’d understand. But since it’s upsetting you and you are not getting the attention you are wanting, then I consider it a problem on my opinion. He shouldn’t chose the porn over activity with you. You deserve to be acknowledged

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