How can I tell my boyfriend that he makes me feel unattractive?

Talk to him. Also…treat yourself and do your hair…give yourself a facial and manicure…and get to where can look at yourself and feel beautiful and sexy. Go clothes shopping or pull out clothes you feel sexy wearing. If you feel sexy and act confident and sexy,then he will most likely notice the change. Me and my hubby look at porn together. Turn on for both of us . It isn’t cheating and doesn’t mean he is cheating or doesn’t find you sexy. Some people just like porn.Try to have romantic moments together. Drink after baby is down for a nap or in bed for the night,cuddle, watch a movie and relax together. Maybe get someone you know to watch the baby for awhile so you both can go out to dinner or something together. Reconnect. Also,don’t deny sex. May be making him feel unattractive as well as yourself and make an effort to come onto him every now and then to boost his ego. Men have the same thoughts as women at times.

Well number 1 is talk to him about how your feeling. And 2 Do things to make yourself feel better. Self confidence is sexy. Get your nails done, get dressed everyday, put on your make up (if you wear it) from time to time, get your hair done, etc. Self care is important too. Also get out for walks sunshine is good for helping with depression. And odds are he knows on some level something is wrong but doesn’t know what or how to approach it so help him to understand.

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Ultimately the happiness in yourself and your own body comes from within.
You cannot lay that happiness on anyone else.
Whether or not you like porn or looking at other people Is something that has to be communicated and compromised on in a relationship. In that situation this should have been discussed in the very beginning if it was a deal breaker.
It does not Automatically make him addicted or a horrible person because he likes porn. So do many people, half of who are women.
Also during and after pregnancy hormones can be all over the place, I would not make any life changing choices at those times.

You can’t change him or anything he does. Focus on yourself and your child. His porn addiction is his problem. It will either get worse or he will choose you. You can’t make the decision for him.