How can I tell my husband to help around the house without nagging him?

My husband got laid off recently, and since then, I have been working more hours. Before he was laid off, I worked minimal hours, so I got up with our kids at night. Now he is not working, and the kids still go to daycare, so he is home. My frustration is that he NEVER gets up with the babies. (2 years old and a seven-month-old) unless I wake up to tell him to. Even then, he gets frustrated. He also doesn’t do much around the house. I come home from work, and breakfast dishes are still on the table, laundry isn’t switched etc. I have asked him to do these things, but he says he forgets. How can I get him to do more with out nagging him?


Since this is something new to him maybe a list would help. Maybe even write out a division of the chores so he knows what u need him to do. Its easy for anyone to forget if they arent used to doing it. Also, i know it is frustrating but be patient with him while he is learning


Tell him to get his ass up off the couch clean the house and look after the kids


Tell him you’re gonna kick his sorry lazy good for nothing ass out.


Ahhh its the old depression of being laid off…they don’t have no motivation to do anything


Take the kids out of daycare for a few days he’ll learn


Could he be maybe struggling with depression? If he’s always worked full-time and now finds himself unemployed, especially in these difficult times, it could be hard for him to accept the shift in roles between you.


Damn woman just tell him! Dont worry about nagging him lazy sod lol


Make a list of stuff he can do. Leave it where it’s the most visible. Fridge, Bathroom Door, etc. And also remind him before heading to work. I would also have him get the kids ready for daycare and have him drop them off as well. That’ll give him a reason to get dressed and go out…might help his depression (if he does have depression). Good Luck!


Best you can do is nag and nag and nag some more.:roll_eyes:


I don’t understand so he NEVER helped before getting laid off :thinking::thinking: he should of been helping from the start no excuses for anyone sitting around doing NOTHING !! Chore list is for kids tell him he needs to be a freaking Adult and help all the time WTH


Baby step him into it honestly as women we sometimes overlook our mens mental health & losing his job would be a big thing to deal with. It’s easy to say “well I have all this to do” but he’s lost his way of supporting his family & probably feeling like less of a man right now (he’s not of course) yes of course he should help but nagging isn’t the way to go it could send him into more of a depression. But that’s only with chores! Tell him to get up with your child no matter if he’s frustrated that’s his child too & no excuse for that. Hope your situation improves.

I would FORGET to cook breakfast, I would FORGET getting the kids ready and taking them to daycare ( which IMO is money being wasted with a Parent home all day) I would FORGET to cook dinner when I got home bc it should be ready when you get Home from WORKING all day. A Grown ass Man shouldn’t have to be Reminded that he is STILL a Husband and Father with the SAME RESPONSIBILITIES that he had before he got laid off. What YOU allow is what WILL continue.

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Write a to do list and place it where ever he will see is constantly and ask him to help you with the things that need to be done

Wait hes home and the kids go to daycare? Wtf


Divorce, looks like a One-Sided relationship anyways. Im not trying to hear ‘he just got laid off’ more reason to pick up the slack elsewhere. Kids shouldn’t even have to go to Daycare, since he’s home he can watch them, if not he can take them & pick them up. Women need to stop coddling their Men & let them do their part, because we damn sure have to WITH OR W/O a Man, we get the :poop: DONE :heavy_check_mark: #NoExcuses


Stop cleaning and then he might understand all the stuff you do and might help out. Failing that, I’d nag the shit out of him and tell him to grow the hell up and if he wants to stay here, he has to clean shit up too. You don’t have an extra kid round the house, it’s 50/50

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Why are your kids in day care if he is home all day doing nothing

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Nag him … not fair :rage:

Tell him like it is. Shoes on the other foot. Please help. :smiling_imp: