How can I tell my religious father that I am pregnant?

So I need advice here. My boyfriend and I have only been together for about five months, and we’re expecting. He has a son, as do I. We both knew going into our relationship that we wanted more kids, and it happened. My dilemma here is that my dad is highly religious and already had a slight problem with my son being born out of wedlock. Now, here I am with a second on the way after only 5 months. I AM 13 WEEKS TOMORROW, AND HAVENT TOLD HIM :sleepy::sleepy: Idk if I should call him and give him a chance to kinda absorb the info or if I should make a 30-minute drive to tell him in person. Ugh I’m just afraid of what he’s gonna say :sob:

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You’re an adult right?


Do it in person. He is your father. He may feel disappointed at first but he will always love you no matter what. My parents are old fashioned about getting married first then having babies so it was hard telling them me and my bf at the time were expecting a baby after knowing each other only a few months. They got over it and love their grandbaby so much and will do anything for her. We are now married and hoping for baby number 2 next year! you got this mama. Stay strong.

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Maybe should have thought about that before getting pregnant again?:slight_smile:


You are a grown women. It’s your life

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I would be more concerned you are having a child with someone you have only been with for 5 months


How is this an issue? I’m assuming you’re an adult…if you feel that guilty, redefine how you live. You know how you got pregnant and we’re fine with it then. Own being a momma or get out of the way bc this isn’t going to be the last hurdle you jump for your baby. Be proud and have some emotional and financial backing to raise your child.


He knows the Bible right? So then he will love you no matter what. There is no shame, if he knows the word of God he knows God is love and you are his child. Don’t be afraid pray before you go and pray from the heart. Ive been in your shoes 23 years ago but I was also 16.


How old are you? If you’re an adult and out on your own, your father really needs to accept that and stop trying to control your life. If he truly is religious he will accept you without judgement.

You should have asked your father before starting this relationship. Idk :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Wow just wow​:woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:.

If he was that concerned did he use protection

I understand but if ur dad not paying ur bills he get over it its not like u can change anything but u will know wen the timing is right . you could always text him then go talk with him after he realizes its ur chioce ur decision


He might know now if he sees it on facebook :joy::joy:


Don’t tell him. He’ll find out soon enough​:joy::joy:

Congrats to u and ur family fathers always protect there little girls u will be fine once u tell him he will come around we are all gods children :baby:

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I hear a shot gun wedding happening. :rofl::rofl::rofl: just kidding. I would talk to hi. In person.

Talk to your dad in person. It’s going to be hard for him to hear at first but in the end he is going to appreciate you more for giving him the respect of telling him in person. Your dad has different views on having a baby out of marriage. But at the end of the day your an adult and it’s your life. He may not agree with your decision but will love you and his grandchildren no matter what. Your dad has to realize that you are going to live your life the way you want to. And your going to make decisions that you feel are right for you and your family. He may not always agree but should respect them. Just like I am pretty sure you don’t always agree with your dads decision but you respect them because they are his decisions and he is an adult. As long as you are happy and your child is happy that’s all that matters

He can either be happy to have another grandkid or get the f out of your way. As a young woman who has always been afraid of family judgment, I will say this: whether he approves or not, you live your life the way you want, free of shame and full of love. His issues are HIS. Don’t let them become yours. You happiness and joy does not deserve to be tainted by someone elses’ expectations.


So, you got pregnant 7 weeks after meeting this new guy? I think that might be his main concern for you but If your handling your own and not expecting your father to help support these children you are bringing into this world then, that’s your business alone hun. However, if he is, he does have a right to his opinion. Talking in person is best! Good luck :+1:t3: