How can I tell my SO I am pregnant when he isn't ready?

Just tell him. As adults yall knew the outcome of having sex without proper precautions. If he didn’t want anymore kids he should have wrapped his pecker. I am not trying to be rude or judgemental. But this is a situation you cannot hide from each other. Be prepared for his response. Be prepared to go it alone since he has pending legal issues. One thing I suggest is maybe just giving him a christmas card with the first ultrasound in it. Or a cute saying to help the news come across easier.


Tell him you may have to do it alone but that would be on him not you or the baby

You won’t be having a baby “right now”. You have some time to prepare. Rip that band aid off tho. He does know what causes pregnancy, I would assume? If he did nothing to prevent it, he can’t be all that surprised. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Terminate the relationship if he tells you to terminate the baby…he knew the consequences of y’all actions

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My husband is an addict good luck

This lady went out of the way to ask & get help and all y’all with bad comments are horrible people! This is 1 of the places where women vent because they have no one or it’s hard to talk about it in person. Next time y’all bash someone, think of that! Because she is going through hell right now & she is reading everything! This is bullying PERIOD! Inconsiderate jerks!

Rip the bandage, no point of stressing yourself out more! I’m sorry for your situation & also point it out to him that it was both y’all’s doing & it’s his decision if he wants to be apart of it. You don’t necessarily want to force him in the situation either. Good luck!!


It takes two ppl to make a baby and just blaming her is ridicules and dumb not all birth control options work you could be safe as and still get pregnant so yes you need to just tell him your pregnant and deal with his reaction and the outcome but wish you the best of luck


Wow, if you are reading this i am soo sorry that we as women can’t be more supportive to each other. I am sorry you are in this situation and I am disgusted at a few of the comments blaming you for getting pregnant. Unreal. It takes two to tango. Good luck… I hope everything works out for you and it is not your fault. :heart: also, babies are blessings so even if things get rough, you will have that beautiful baby to hold!


I agree 1000% that you should not be with a man that wants you to terminate if that’s something you’re against but you should give him the opportunity to mess up before assuming he will also if you’re worried just hand him a very clear test so he knows it’s for real

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Jeez these women are mean. Obviously he didnt care enough to wrap it with a condom. Jesus. I say since he doesnt want one tell him that’s that okay and that you do. So youre keeping it. And he doesn’t have to parent with you. I’d let him know that the relationship is over.


For Christmas get your partner a baby’s first onsie and whatever holiday the baby is due around

Tell him and prepare for the fact you may become a single mom. It is not as bad or scary as it seems, you just need to establish the 1st steps. Also sounds like he has some serious working on him to do atm.

Rip the band aid off and just tell him. It will be a lot of emotions all at once but in the end it will work out how its supposed to.

The comments in here go from kind and supportive to absolutely terrible. Please don’t take everything on the Internet to heart. I’m sure most of the people passing judgment here don’t have happiness of their own.

Speak your truth.
Follow your intuition.


I would just say “Remember how we talked about planning for another baby? Well God had other plans…”


Know that the Addict’s brain takes two cure to get back to normal after sobriety. It’s too late now but recovering from addiction has to be a selfish time in order for recovery be focused on. That in mind, be honest and explain that you have nine months to get used to the idea and by that time he might be far enough into leading a sober life that we will feel as much joy as you. Be honest today. Be honest tomorrow and the next day. Don’t try to guess what will happen.just keep making healthy honest decisions


Hey pregnancy can’t just be one sided. If he didn’t want to have a baby he shouldn’t have done his part. Just saying. Takes two to tango🤷🏽‍♀️


Takes 2 to make a baby. If he wasn’t ready he could’ve made sure there was protection. :woman_shrugging:

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Tell him flat out, hey remember when you nutted in me, we’ll take responsibility bucko.

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Hunny some of these women do not have shit and they are so bitter do not listen to the negativity. Its usually the ones without a pot to piss in who have bad shit to say, I got pregnant with 3 of my 4 children while on birth control and 1 of them the condom broke so that was ultimately the ordeal. If he wants to leace or acts out consider the well being of you and the kids. You do not want something happening to them or them being taken away because of hos actions, children are not replaceable and as women bringing them into the world we are the ones they count on. Men have a role but you cannot force it. Too many kids being killed. You can do it do not doubt yourself.