How can I train myself to be more frugal?

How do you stop spending money?? Like I swear, I’m buying something every day. How do I train myself to be more mindful and frugal?


Budget essentials and fun money if available, also cary a little pad of paper and write down every time you spend .
If their is no fun money, then no extras!

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My bank has the option to lock/unlock the debit card attached to the account with no fees or holds. If you go in and lock it, you have to make a conscious effort to go online and unlock the card if your shopping online or in store. If you can do that, use those extra steps to decide if it’s a want, need, or just because your bored.

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Write down every expense! It will really open your eyes on the stupid stuff you buy. Give yourself an allowance. Only pay with cash.

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Get rid of debit/credit cards so you HAVE to pay cash. We’re less likely to spend when we have to actually spend cash. Cause we see it leaving and can’t spend what we dont have.

Send part of your pay check to a savings account or if you have 401k put more in it

Don’t go to places when you don’t need things.

Treat your self once a week. Set a price limit.

Do up your budget pay your bills then take out what you feel is necessary in cash and forget the debit card. If you have $1000 cash then just keep a $100 or $200 on you. Im much less likely to spend when i physically see the money disappear.


Ask yourself if you really need it, don’t buy “wants” only buy what you need

Work on holding yourself accountable for your spending. Don’t make any impulse buys. After 24 hours, a lot of things you want to buy have left your mind. Set money aside for buying stuff. When it’s gone, then you’re done buying for the month. Also put $1 in savings for every $1 you spend

I used to be like that when we made more money but now we can only get necessities. It’s not hard when you’re broke lol I just only think about what I have to have.

Carry cash only and leave your bank card at home. Figure out exactly what you need to buy and only bring that much money.

My husband and I have separate accounts for different things. We have a bill account (every bill is auto drafted out of it) savings (for emergencies) and our checking. The only account that has a debit card is our checking. We don’t transfer money between accounts. Specific amounts are deposited into our different accounts every week. Our checking is our “fun money” - dinning out, meaningless target trips, coffee. The only time we use a credit card is to pay for something online and that gets automatically transferred into the bill account. Once the checking is empty we’ve had our “fun” for the week.

Make a budget for a week or month and don’t go over it unless it’s an emergency.Before buying something,ask yourself if it’s a need or a want, stick only to the needs.

Plan one day to shop. Make a list and plan meals. I shop once a month for essentials such laundry soap, body wash etc. Grocery shop once a week. Meal plan.

I’m the same Im literally the person that spends it till it’s gone don’t get me wrong pay my bills cupboards full but with what’s left over I’m like o what can I buy it’s hard to cut it out I’m slowly getting better lol it’s just will power I make myself just go home :joy:

Well maybe start donating to those in need maybe if you shop with that in mind it might make you feel better for shopping :grinning:

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-If your bank has this feature, print a picture of something you’re saving for on your debit card.

-Definitely remove your cards grom online shopping platforms. It can make you think twice about spending when you have to go through multiple steps to make a purchase.

-Make a list of what you need and take enough cash to the store to get that, but no more. You can’t overspend if you don’t have the money!

-Create a “zero-based” budget that incorporates savings and a little splurge money, as well as all your bills and regular expenses. That way you know how much play money you have to spend; then when it’s gone, it’s gone!

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I make an oath to buy nothing unless it is absolutely needed. I do that for a period in time. One month for example. Pretend you don’t have an income. How would you live. Amazing how much you will save


Not sure if anyone mentioned using envelopes- for gas, groceries, kids lunch money, utilities, restaurant, etc. when your gas envelope is empty then no unnecessary trips(especially to the store for one gallon of milk). When your grocery envelope is empty you cook something you already have, etc. All money left in envelope at the end of your pay period goes to vacation fund or clothing fund