How can I train myself to be more frugal?

i am just as bad ::: I try to leave the money in the bank ::: but the only way i don’t spend ::Is to just stay home ::: for the whole day :: save my dollar that way ::: it is real hard not to go spend a buck here and there ::It is hard for me for sure.

When you start to believe there’s an end and you won’t get it back that worked for me… I could have millions and still fear the day it’s gone and that alone prevents me from overspending I’m very frugal

Start writing everything down on a note pad as your buying everything even tips, at the end of the week look at the list and see what you could have skipped buying, and take that amount and times it by 52 and think what you could have bought! A vacation, a boat. Car payment??

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I just think about how I would feel to be broke again and don’t want to be that way again. That helps me to not overly spend.

Yes. Use cash no debit or credit card. You lose track of how much money you have spent. Not the same as taking cash out of your purse!!

I have jumped on the minimalist train. Im getting rid of thi gs a d organization . It really makes me want to nit buy a lot if stuff.

I guess it depends what you’re buying.

Look at money spent as time… how long does it take to earn that $100 dollar item is it worth the time it took to earn it ?

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I always think to myself “what’s more important, this item, or a future bill?”

Stay off buying sites until you have a list.
Before buying anything price it from at least 5 locations to compare.

I think about how hard I worked for the money and decide if I really need/want it…9 out of 10 times it’s a NO…

Cut up cards and pay for everything in cash. If you don’t have the cash, you can’t buy it.

Learning the difference between want and need

Budget. Only carry so much cash and leave the cc and debit card home.

Hide your access to money so you can’t charge or spend. Break the habit!

Work more. The more time at work the less time to spend :rofl::rofl:


Its called discipline!


Stop spending. Are you a grown ass adult? Just stop

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Go to the library and check out Dave Ramsey’s financial piece University I guarantee you they have it if not you can look it up online the basic budget and things like that for free the baby steps that you have to do it’s awesome


Look into taking a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace course.

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