How can I transistion from breastfeeding to pumping?

I need tips on how to switch from breastfeeding to pumping and bottle feeding as the main way of feeding my baby. How do you make the transition from just on demand nursing to pumping in a way that you have enough to bottle feed baby most of the time?


My daughter pumped and gave the milk to her baby the more you pump.the more you produce.

I would pump while my baby was sleeping & feed when she woke up & was ready to eat & then pump an hr-2 hrs after her last feeding. If I made 8 ounces I would freeze half & save the other for the next feeding …

I breast fed then switched to pumping. I would set an alarm to vibrate just shy of every 3 hours pump, get it in a bottle and then my husband and I would take turns on feeding her so I wasn’t so sleep deprived. If he wasn’t there then it was usually my husband’s dad. He loved doing it more than he thought he would so he was always there and gave me the privacy I needed to pump and then I’d bring her and her bottle out and he’d feed her. It was really great actually

I pumped the side baby wasn’t on to build up supply but you CAN also lose supply when pumping because you lack the babies salivia commuting to body and producing more. I also used a manual cause I can hold the suction longer which means more milk also store in 2 oz while she is under 6 mos so none goes to waste as mine took a few hour break after a couple oz. Then I did 4 oz for feeding when she was older and 2 oz to mix in cereals.

I use to give the boobie and pump the other at the same time. Pump when you can while baby is asleep. The more you pump, the more you produce. Also makes it wayyyy easier at night when you need to catch up with sleeping and let dad bottle feed if baby allows it!

Talk to your doctor. FB is not the place for personal answers.