How can I transition my child to their own bed?

Full disclosure: I am 100% FULLY AWARE; this is my fault. However, I need some advice. My 11 month old has slept with me since birth. (Small background, I also slept in the bed with my mom until I was 10). I was super anxious and stressed when she was born, and the only way I could sleep, and know she would be ok, is if she slept with me. That being said, she’s in daycare now, and she’s sleeping in a crib there. I felt it would be easier for her to adjust to that at home now too. What are your tips and tricks to putting your babies to bed in a crib that is under one year? I laid her down earlier, and she immediately woke up and cried, and her daddy rescued her. So the “cry it out” method is not an option, nor do I like it either.


I started out putting my son in his crib for nap time. I’d rock him till he was just about to fall asleep and then lay him in his crib while still awake but drowsy enough to fall asleep on his own.

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I sleep next to the crib and make each time before I go back to mine shorter and shorter

My son slept w me until he was 4. I get it. Let him fall asleep then move him to his bed.

cry it out with both parents on board. maybe the first night you lay in the crib with her until she falls asleep. I know you said you didn’t care for CIO but it works

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They might have more tips for you if you choose not to let baby cry.

I lay with my son in his room until he falls asleep then creep out. He’s in a toddler bed now, so most nights he ends up climbing into bed with us at some point and i wait until he goes back to sleep and take him back to his bed

I let my child fall asleep while I’m holding him…and then once hes good and asleep I put him into his crib.

Don’t let people that claim to be experts on rearing g children. Most of them have somebody else (wife,nanny,ect.) actually raising their kids for them.
Since the beginning of time people have slept in a pile ,like puppies,to keep warm. Remeber central heat is less than 100yrs old.


I put her in her bed give her a sippy and put on a movie then just sit next to the bed till she falls asleep sometimes I have to hold her hand so she won’t cry but it has worked so far
Also don’t so cry it out it will just make them more anxious is some cases

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I rocked my nephew in the rocking chair until he fell asleep. Then put him in the crib. When he woke up in the night, I repeated it. Worked. Whatever you do, stick to the routine. My sister ended up just letting him back in her bed. He’s almost four and sleeps in her room to this day.

It takes a process if u don’t like cry it out method u can just basically hold her or lay with her let her fall sleep then put her to her crib or let her cry few mins at time go in and reassure her she ok or let her cry and lay on ur bed while she in crib this what I usually do get my son bed he goes bed easier faster this way seeing me in there he feels more safe I think idk it hard hearing them cry but they are smart and know if u give in they won’t ever stop my almost 7 yr old still trys sleep in my bed or in my bedroom lol u need break habbit now it gets worse and harder as they get older

As long as you take precautions, as to not roll over on your child. No worries.

I just got my 3 year old into her own bed, the cry it out wasn’t for me either… Couldn’t bare it.
With my older child I use to rock in a chair till they fell asleep, then put her down. If she woke I’d go back on the chair and repeat.
The youngest however made it to our bed and 3 years later we made a big deal of her “big girl peppa room”
Everyone said it would probably take a while for her to settle. But honestly first night she went down… I told her I’d to go fold clothes in my bedroom next door and would be back… From then on I always do a story then leave with the door open and peppa night light on.
Good luck mamma… You can do this!

Do you have a sound machine? Or a soother? I’ve never been one to use the cry it out either honestly, it breaks my heart. I slept with my mom until I was 10 as well :joy: definitely don’t want my kids to do it either :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: a fan on low. I always moved my kids after they fell asleep, it just worked better for us. Sitting next to her crib while she falls asleep may work as well. Not directly after they fell asleep I gave it time for the little heathens to fall asleep :rofl: We have 5 and currently trying to work on my youngest two at the moment, but there’s other reasoning to it as we recently moved.

My daughter falls asleep in her swing, once she’s out I move her to her crib and I play music, that’s the only way ALL of my kids have fallen asleep but its the boring elevator music and she’ll sleep until it’s time to eat, start with naps when your home, also maybe put a shirt or something that smells like you in there

Be consistent. Every night put baby in crib if she wakes up bring her in bed w you but once she’s sleeping back in crib.
All of my kids have slept in bed w me at some point. Youngest is just now going in his own bed but still ends up in ours.

Put a shirt or something that has ur scent in her crib.

Following: I’ve got 3 kids: 6, 3, 11 months. We doubled up housing rn so I can’t do cry it out.

Can you put her in the crib in your room and let her get used to her own space? And then transition her to her own room? Don’t have much advice beyond that…hubby insisted we move our son at like 3 months.