How can I transition my daughter to her own room?

Ok, Moms, I’m in desperate need of some advice. My daughter, who is now 17 months old, has always slept in our bedroom out of necessity. We eventually turned her crib into a cosleeper bc it was easier on everyone. (She would scream to the point if waking our neighbors, so cry it out never worked). We are moving next week, and she will finally have her own room. How do I start to transition her into her own room? Any help is much appreciated.


17 months? She is such a baby I wouldn’t not allow my baby of that month to sleep alone. Would hug her tight till she’s around 3 years or more!


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Slowly! Move her bed away from yours. Start a couple ft, then the doorway, out the door, her doorway, in the room

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Put her in there after she falls asleep.


Start off still letting her sleep in your room, but in her own crib/bassinet. Then once asleep, move her to her own room

We transitioned at 15 months my son was trying to climb out of the bed we started with nap time during the day then after a week of that would put him in his crib after he fell asleep worked great for us . I would play around with a few ideas you will find one that works for you guys good luck momma also my son is now 2 and sleeps in a toddler bed and still comes to our bed :weary: but we enjoy cuddle time

Cant help sorry as mine were quite easy but i hope you find something that works

We have never cosleeped with our children. We did keep a bassinet or pac n play in our room for the first year and then put them in there room with a baby monitor. This way we knew they were waking up before they got too loud to wake everyone else up.

With my oldest we had to do the same thing and honestly found it was so much easier for her and us that when we moved she transitioned from our room to her own and from a crib to a toddler bed and she did extremely well! Granted I put so many pillows and couch cushions by her bed incase she fell off but she didnt and she didnt wake up during the night she was so happy to see me in the morning though as she came and woke me up in the morning

Complete dark, white noise, a fan going but not directly on her, only one nap during the day and not too late in the day and she should sleep through the night.


Just something to think about: my son slept in his own room until we moved and his whole world was messed up. Maybe think about keeping her in your room after the move until she gets used to the new space.
Then transition to her own room.

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I would start her straight out in her new room in the new place. Make it fun for her with having her bed decorated with things she likes and her toys or toy box in there so she knows it belongs all to her. Kids are very smart at this age and there is nothing wrong with her being in her own room either as long as it’s not on the opposite end of the dwelling than mom and dad - she might just surprise you and really like it…if she is walking well enough I’d maybe try her with a toddler bed instead of the crib so that she knows she can get up like a big girl does…just an option here. Good luck with this and congrats on the move you sound excited.

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Maybe lay with her till she falls asleep then try to ninja out of there lol

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If she still takes naps during the day start with that in her own room for a week. Then move her in her own room for day and nights.

When you move into your new place. Get her excited about her new room and big girl bed.

Get a bedtime routine.
Read a book
Kisses night
Than tuck her into bed. Leave door cracked, hall light on.

This will take persistence. DO NOT GIVE UP!

Wait in livingroom. If she comes out. Take her by the hand. Tell her its bedtime sweetheart. Lead her back to bed.

If she comes out again. Say nothing, just take her back to bed. Repeat this step until she goes to sleep.

She will ask for a drink. Ask to go potty. Eliminate all of this prior to bedtime. If she plays with toys. Remove toys from the room. She will learn you mean business. Eventually, she will give to sleep. The next night will get easier. So forth. Look up Supernanny on YouTube.

Patience and firmness. It’s going to be a difficult process and giving in is easier than pushing her. At the same time, don’t give up if you mess up a few nights. Try giving her some one on one time before bed. A bath, then lotion, and a story. Make sure she has a nightlight and explain that mommy and daddy are just down the hall. It’ll be a lot of back and forth, but like I said it just takes patience.

We let our little one pick out her own bed. We skipped the toddler bed and got a normal twin bed. But she got to pick her own bedding. And we got a princess tent off Amazon. She came in and out of her room but that’s to be expected. But we kept the crib mattress and slid it out from under our bed at times .

Start by letting her play with her toys outside of her bed and get used to her room. Then move her to her room after she falls asleep. Then try nap time. When that’s a success move on. Baby steps!

I sure don’t have any answers . Mine would go to sleep in my bed all snuggled up with me . Through the night I would put them in their own beds. That went on until they were about 6 and 8 years old .