How can I transition my son out of the swaddle and into a crib?

Hi Mommas! I have a five-month-old boy & he’s the cutest little guy. HOWEVER, the only way he’ll sleep at night is if he is tightly swaddled and rocking in his swing. I need help getting him to sleep un-swaddled and in his crib. The transition sacks won’t work because he HAS to have his arms tucked in tightly, or else he’s awake every five minutes. Any suggestions? I could use all the help I can get…

My baby is 7 1/2 ms and will only sleep in a bassinet that is in a semi sitting/reclining position I’ve tried everything too, his dr said it’s fine but I wish he would sleep in his crib too but he wakes up immediately

Same exact situation !!!

We ended up co-sleeping at 4 months for this reason, otherwise he would be up every half hour.

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I’m sort of having this problem. I started semi swaddling him where his arms are wrapped but his legs are loose. I rock him to sleep then lay him in his crib in my nursing pillow so his set up a little. He still feels like he’s on me and after I lay him down and know he’s good and alseep, I loosen the receiving blanked I have him wrapped in so his arms have wiggle room for dreams.

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Swaddle him and put him in the crib. Nothing wrong with a swaddle.


My daughter is 7 months old and sleeps in her bassinet. At first, when she was little little the only way she would sleep is swaddled and in her swing. Now, she sleeps in her bassinet right next to me. I started getting her used to sleeping in her bassinet when she was about 6 months old. It was easy. She now eats a 5 oz bottle and is out for the night around midnight or so

My kids wouldn’t sleep alone without white noise. You can just download an app and play it on loop. Mine prefered a hair dryer sound, from that sound we transitioned to soft music (slow Disney songs) once they started to get older and really in to music and movies. I found the noise made them feel they weren’t by themselves and I genuinely found myself finding it soothing while falling asleep :rofl:

Start loosening the swaddle, then move on to an arm free, then two arms free, until you get the whole baby out.


Baby Merlins Magic Sleep Suit!!! Only thing that worked during transition for us

Why do you feel the need to transition. Continue as you were. Happy baby makes a happy mom

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