How can I wean my 16-month-old from the bottle?

Tips on how to get a baby off the bottle without acting or feeling like the cruelest person in the world!!?? Son is 16 months old and has a bottle during the nap and at night. I have tried letting him cry it out, but I always give in. He wakes up to drink probably two full bottles a night. He’s always drunk all night. He breastfed all night till he was one n then bottle with vitamin D till now. Sooooo any tips, or should I just continue on letting him have it till he’s grown!!?


Only put water in the bottle and hopefully that will help

He’s only 16 months, shy are you doing this so early? It’s still part of their security at this age, he’s still a baby…

His nutritional requirements are being met through his bottles. 2 bottles per night is pretty normal. Small stomachs, fast growth.


16 months is a bit early imo. My son was 2 when I introduced the cup. He was 2 and a half when we got rid of bottles completely. Every child is diff however but … I personally wouldnt take the bottle away completely yet. It’s kind of a safe thing for them.

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Go by the farmers almanac for weaning it works

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Give him a soft tip sippy cup instead and have him get used to that for a few months then go to hard top sippys


I have 4 kids 2 I switched to a sippy cup before taking away night time bottles. 1 i had to be “mean” and throw it right kn the trash. My daughter is 20 months and no luck o. Weaning so far. So i will probably just be throwing hers out too.

Slowly ween milk out. Fill 3/4 milk use water to fill rest. Do that for a week. Then 1/2 milk half water for a week. Then all water. Then introduce a cup. My kids love the munchkin 360 cups. Good luck.

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Put what he don’t like in the bottle, and his milk in a cup…


Get a sippy cup with the part like a bottle and keep giving it to him with milk. I got my kids off the bottle like that. And it was easier with my second cuz he wanted are cups and his sister cup

We just switched over to a water bottle style cup. And then once she got used tl that slowely started to take away the milk and give her water.

Wen the baby is ready my doctor told me this let the baby come to you and tell you wen they are ready you push it later in life it could cause problems it worked far me with all my children good luck

That was your mistake. You should have given him a sippy cup when you weaned him from the breast not a bottle. Having him drinking that much at night will make it hard to potty train when he is ready too. Start switching him to cup instead of a bottle then start weaning him from the bottle at night…it will ruin his teeth!

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U wont be able to not feel bad. Go cold turkey. First few days will suck…but the child will learn quickly. That’s what we did. After 5 days, the crying stopped. They realized the bottle was gone. We tossed ours around 2, just before 2 actually, like 20 months. No more…just sippy cups and the straw ones. That’s all we had. They both got use to it. Really had no choice.
Good luck.

He doesn’t need any liquid with sugar in it overnight. That could rot his teeth. He shouldn’t be getting anything but water at night. All you can do is continue to offer a cup. He will not let himself starve or go thirsty. It’s an adjustment. Yes it might be hard but they all transition.

Back when my now 31 year old daughter was using a bottle. She was about 18-20 months and wanted a Barbie, I told her they are for big girls and your not a big girl yet you have a bottle, if you throw away your bottle you can get a Barbie. She walked over to the garbage and in the bottle went. Took her tight over to Toys R Us and she picked one out. That night she wanted a bottle, I reminded her the bottle was for babies, she’s a big girl now, she took Barbie to bed with her, and never asked for a bottle again.


Took my sons bottle at a year old and introduced sippy cups… he still got a sippy cup of milk at bed but now he’s 16 months old and we wake up to full cups of milk… he was a lot easier to break than my first son…

In my personal opinion, I would do only water in the bottle and give him his milk in a cup. At 16mos he shouldn’t need milk thru the night still. If he wakes up hungry thru the night, try feeding him closer to bedtime and make sure his belly is full. I can say from experience that letting them have milk in a bottle during sleeping times, will absolutely ruin their teeth. We were younger and clueless with our first daughter and thought we were doing the right thing because it seemed like that’s what she wanted. Little did we know the number of dentist appts would come from it. We have 1 appt left and she’ll have her teeth fixed. Just had our second daughter 2 weeks ago and will absolutely be doing it differently this time.


I’m a nanny for a 1 in a half year old. She calls her sippy cup " bottle" to dang cute!

First have him use a sippy or straw cup the rest of the time then reduce the numbers of bottles. My son’s feeding therapist had me slowly take bottles away. One bottle every few days or one a week. They’ll naturally up their intake of food and liquids. He needs more food at night because he shouldn’t need bottles throughout the night at that age. Put water in a sippy cup at night. I thought my son would really fight giving up the last bottle but by the time I had taken one away every few days, he didn’t even want the remaining one before bed.